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Plain Talk With The Gulf States

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Virgiuia Jid nut commcnca this war, ■ nor did Teuuessec, Missouri or Keutueky. lts magnitude and losseu iverc jjorccivtid by tliose on wbom tlio bruut of b:V.e would {all. The States furthar siiuth, protéottid by tbaaa on the bofder, rcpolkd udïice, rejuoted ocm'eert, ;iud, wiih f.uioii.-d aeearity, uut tbc f:steniugi wbich bo-aud us togetber, and cast Virginia aud her cliilJi l u, on the cspused Westarn frontier, adrii't amid tcnifio and inoreasing war. In vafe did these States furetell the iututé, and pnitest agaim-t thti utigeuerous rafhnesa of thost1 who expeetot!, by iho ülisfortuacs of oihora, to escapo thu calumitios of civil s! rife. Wè told them ihüt the storm would iuduXge ita iury Oü ÓÜrsoii. Wc pietured lo t hi-ra a devftstatud country, pillaged fi-idB, buifuii)g (owns,, Kiid a liired Éóldierj inflamad to cpÍíuü by die 'uiouth bkin women on ti.c öttouiaa and the silver pla.e oa the board." Neitlier did theso j,ust appeiis, uor tbe terrino fate wbiüb was inureasing aüd üdvaucing, check the selfi-h impatuosity of tboso who rwkd litt'o of dtt to bc endured by othera. We were told wo must follow our own people or be ugainut tbem. The altemative presentid an abhorrenoe to commou enemios, or an abíudonu3eot of eommon b'ood; The choice waa at onca mode, under oleiun compact to stand fuitufully j ' gbther uritil completo victory bfesded-, ov a siuie fute sealed the strugg.le. Amid aü the csroaionies of a natiouul bh'tb theBtate stood spoiisüis to tfre, and by wacied oaths plcdged all tbe livee, uil ttie intcrests, all the properiy in mutual nupport, and for general rcliuf. From the nature and motives of the war, and by the boud vrhich unitcd thosj whu were strugglitig to save all that is prized auioDg men, there was nothing too suored to aL]jropriate or abaiidoii, ezcept the pligiucd faith to bo true tg each otber. These oaths Virgiuia and ho fronlier ctaldteö 'fave not yut broken. The livcB of her peppiö are now iu the troochet. with a duily sacrifioe cqual to tlio necessity of defeuse. Neurly all thoir property has beeu yiolded to tho eneiny iu obedience to the request of strategy. Tho slaves have beeu appropriated, auu loases suffurcd aeeordiug to thu demanda of tho advauciug enemy. This ap ropriatioa of territory and alavés by these States was as uiuol) a voluutary contributiou by tl.em to the wants of the war, as if bil's of grant euiaueipution had bteu pasBed by their separata sovèfeigu conventions. Thoy wera a part of the priot) coiitemplated' at the time the struggle eotnmenecd, tobo puid for blcssings b ci)!non to all. ïiut tlie tide is now rolliüg toward those Stutea wtio made tho fight, who sffiimed success or'uDiversal dcstructtoa, and who ewore the oatb. This oath hau been brokeo, and thoy by whoin the firat hlnw was atricken are tho first aert thosa whose breasta havc,.ao far,. re cuived the iury of the storm raised by üriiers. After tha border fctates havo' oöered lands aud shves, ag aecessary Bitcriüce to success, they still decluie thut wifi', ohild, bride, a free toaguo and uucbaiüd ncck re things to be fought for. Tbey say to tbe States of the guit', "uow rnakü tke same contribuí.ioii of laiids and slaves that you foreed U3 to tuake, und 8öutiinects, relutions, aad poople H1 bo eeurjd." Moaday the compact of mutital support was broken. The bill to appropriate th slaves so as to secure bonorabjv; existeuce was defeatud in the Sennte chiefiy by tbe votes of the Gulf State. The border States had previous ly ccmtributed tbeir share to the common deleDse. It makes oo diflerence whetlier those slaves were lost to their owoei's by the st?ategy of w-arj.or by tbe action of Con-gress. They wero equally saorificos to tb Dational defense - sucrifices i'iretold by sotno - aud which uil swore to eharc ulike. The vote' by whïuh tliat bill was lost must be recousidared The slavès iriust be given, or ■ve muy perisb. Thov wbo wat eb. the destiuias of the átate declare ;t waats and demand tbo relief. He for whom :he iove ot' the people is ouly exceeded by hts owb puro affoction for hia uuiitry - the hero of twöuty victories, awl the conqueror of every ignoble a3pirution implores the recreant ritatea uot te abandon the glury he won for them at Cbaucellorsville, and uot to refusu tbe liberty he secures by Ás lioes around the still unconquerable capital of Virginia. The army demanda that ita depleted ranks shall be strengthened by more nitsu of whateer color, and it is soroetiines uipolitie to refuso the demande oí an rtny like that whieh Iee oomuiaDds. The border St;ites insis!: that such laws 9s are neoessary to save the State shall bopassed, evoü though ihosa laws aöefct thé slaves ia the South as the war his añoted them on í lio fronticr Ihutvote must bt reconsidered". Perish property and all the luxurie: of profit, but we wil 1 protect our social existenoa and our pride as freeuaen. We preter to do this by luanly battle ; but if thcy who deïnand to sbare our suecess uow refuse the mcans to win that sucoess, the; can bo act, but our wives and our honor must gtill be ours. The difficitlty in oMaining a peace kut leen slavery. Tbc appropri.tiau by the border States of their slaves to the public use, husremoved thatdifficulty inuego tiations by theui with tho enemy. There is not a slave in Kentucky, Missouri, aad Tenuessoe. Slaver) has disappeared in ono-half of Virgiüia and praetically esiüts nowhere in her litnits. Let such propriatioa of mterest be at once made as will save to each State the rig-hta of an unconguerabJe people. If thia be refused, and the sacrificeo of war are so iinposed oq some as to ioipcril rululioua without which lite Í3 intolerable; theu iet provisious of safety be immediatoly mide by those who value famüy bonda and individual pride above sordid projcrty; and let those who are vfilling to have inastcrs above, that they live upon the hope of having alavés beaeath thcm,. goal the r fate with the eneiay uow thunderiag ut their gates. Pertiaps it would bu well for the duif State.-i 60 reeooaider their vote. Virginia, Tennesseer Missouri, and Kcütooty will yet see that ■ :i p.'ojilo be not slavos, iu order that tUa iiivyuvciiiöiice of war m.iy bü feit ot. ih OeLijuree and Touibigbcc. ík gpMpu JgujsJ


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