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Tho oil fever gives riso to somo humorous features of human nature. Wc cannot vouoh for the utter truüiluhiess of the folïówirig, but havo reuuivod it as genuino : l'A couplo of gentlemen of means were for a long time dosirous of investing their spare cash iu soma one of the oil enterprisesjif tli age. The stuoks of tbose in ful i blaat or succeasiul operation, were held so high that the gentlemen concluded to risk an inventment in one "ánder the augur, " or well in process of boriag. Tho agent of the new concern had bis place of busiaesd iu Wall s.treot, New York; the property was iii the oil región of Western Pcnnsylvania. " On making tho twentieth or final cali upon the broker, to inquire more inlly mto the matter, a lad stepped in and handed tho agect a telegraph. message. Hastily glaucing at it, ho said : "Gentlemen, I give you just three minutes to accept or decline my offer for the property." Tho two heads went togetlier, two tongues spoka two senteuees, and, tnrning, they notiHed the broker that the prftperly was their own. The money was paid, the stocks transferred, when one of the gentlemen said to the agent: "Have you :my olijection to the showing of that telegraph nesSagd V' " Certainly not," said tho blaud agent, and, taking it, they read : Bayoü, ) Jan. - , 1865. l "Harafine Candle, Esq : " Bored eit;hty feet, struck a eperni t!];iK"'s head, spouting ile at the rute oí' fifteen barrels per minute. SfBRM Keüdsexe, Agent. It is needless to say that the fortunes of our two friends were made. - Providence Press.


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