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Despair At Richmond

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A James llirer correspondent sayi: liufueeu frem Iliehmond report great ■onstej-natiou prevailing ,, that city iliey saytliat the city haa been for ■oma time in co;irBo of evncuation ia tho waf of government materiala uijwhinery, etc, to Lynchburg and Dan' ilio. Süeridan, tbey also nay, has put slop to this in a great measure by d9froy,ng the Richraond and Lynch ourg c.iual, the main ineans of oomtmiaieBtion leit The Danville road uahuuat worn out, with no mitUrial or iiiwu t." spare to repair it. Thesu men tUHik Dttvt, Lee ad other leaders have JjBt a.l hope, aud already have their ayes ou Maxioo as an mtIubj. C Tliu Graud Haveu Union says jnjDWtra has becomo the eceue of u littio czcitamoDt reoeutly, and perhaps tome Bcaudul. Abuut Bix nioutlis ago voung a named Jack Howard eaine tbífftí fwm Chicago, .,d rojiued w ith A anélfl Ouorga Howard. 27 was I '■ 'Isr.ig of i iiacr, and flirted with -;VTrl-, and stuck Aútwí on the end ' otgar, au.! swaggerad uu nnJ d,iu loa Btreetíia a truc rowdj tjrle. Tíii.ig. ' i.orry as a inarriaífo bel]'1 tul U ■ ;i vvilh í washjrwonaau and' -■■ tKoret v;.lJ( out. , waï a y uoman. To „.„We a oll„ mmrJi t "r , th kii.d "üeUtmI (UmJ.1 joüU . bet; ts iarrj1 LL -i, ht."


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