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New Yciik. Marcii 22. Tho Itichüioud Bíipatch of Moutíay quottjs from the Ra]etgh Progrcu a rumor that uut) of Shermaii's columus ia moviug to cut tho ruilroad botweeu Greenubpro and lialeifih. The Senttnel aays $0,000 ü Coufederato ïnonoy, ai;d severul atches aod otlier trïokets, were found uu tho body of one of Sheridau's raidoru, killed nuar Ashland. lue Kaleigh Confedérate of the 16tb says : The best nfoimation to day is that Shenuau is trying to find Terrv and S -lioücld. llnlcigli does uot seeiïi to ba in his path just now. Thü Progresa of tbe same dato contaius the followiug : The carear of Sherman will be put a siop to. We vioJate no secrete hy sayiuj he will be cotifrouted by a foruiiduble foroe,. oommanded by ablo aud exporiuiced offi cera. The same pjpeis eay Wade, Humpton and Haidoe, with only tbeir bociy guard, charged upon aod defeated 200 of Kilpatrick's meo. ïho Dispatoh report-s a groat flood íq tbe James River, floodiog the lower part ofthtj city, stoppiug all repairs to tho canal. The WorWs Washington special says S-esh rumora are reoeived that the rebels haveevacuated Riehmond. Itisthought that a great buttle must take place in a few days. The irïbanJ Beaufort, Nortb Carolina special of tho 19th, saya of Sherman 's advunce at Goldoboro, that as they left Faycttville, tho "Bummers" iu advance, encountered the rebel rearguard, and drove it till they oauio up witb the naait) column. There was ao other fighting. The Kaleigh Conmvativ of the lOth says: We pin our faith to Gfen. Lee's assurance thatSherman can fee dofeated, and await the result with patieoce. We kuow there is acüvity amoug the military ou our side, and efïorts are making to arrest his onward progress. A private letter from Nassau, 19th, says 36 b'ockade running vessels are in harbcfr with nothing to do, and fifty warehouses full of goods, for which thero is n o sale. Oargoea ordered from Egland three moaths ago are arriving. Their owuers are aending theni bü-ek in the savao tessels.


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