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The Draft On Dexter

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llie lownsbip of Dexier in this coualy was ' drawu ou" by Provost Marshal Barry ou Friday last, witli tile t'olluwiug result. Th Lavt family seemed to be espscittlly lavoiJ by the " wlieel of íate." Williaiu H. Glew, Morria Flood, Sid. Thurstou, Herman Backus vm Sinith, Spencer Fcrce Kicliarü Wheeler, Jr., Patrick Rabbet Jas. Clark, Vm. Lavy, Mory A. Enstou, James Alien, Jr Alomo David, Wm. Conner, James Ueiley, Geo. W. Jefler James W. Doty, George Boydon' Heniy Wilsey, Boloman VauFl'eat Ai.ram Vorchis, John Galley Kauut John W. Lary, Niclioias Karr Hf-nj. H. Glenn, Tilomas Beikett. - v"ww , vuimopji'r L,avy James HcCounell, Alfred Lavy Addison Barbor, Ward Teibw'ortli, Lawreace Babbet, Martin Clinton, Zucliariah ïaylor, Jobu Newman, Micliael Dolau, jo.sopb Moüionis, Mschael Lavy, R. w. McLaue, C in. McGwiie. Jr., John Lavy, Wu. H. Aniold, John Welch, lt is supposed tliat tiie other towna of this oouuty will al lili their quotaa without Üapt. BAEür's bt-lp. Br The markets are so unsettled that we omit usual report lilis week. It doe uot rewain the same for twenty-four hours. The toudeucy at all points is downward, in Dry Good, Oroceiies, aud certaiul in farm produce. . -Gold is still droppiug. Closed at 164% yesterday noon.


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