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The Goddess Of Poverty

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Paths sanded with gold, verdaüt I heatbs, ravineg loved by t!ie wild goats groat mountains crowned with stars, wandering torren ts, impenetrable fnrests let U;o good goddfss puaa ihrougb, the Qodderití of Poverty Sioce the world exiated, sinoe men have been, abe traversas ths world, sbe dweils amoug men ; gho travels siuging, and abe sings working - the Qoddens, the good Qoddess of Poverty. Some meu asserubled to curse hor. They found her too beautiful, too gay, too nimble, and too stroug "Pluok out her wiiigs," said they; "ohaiu her, bruiso her with blown, that she may suffer, that she may poriah - tbo Godde8s of Poverty." They have cbained tbe good goddess, Ibey have beateu and perseouted her, but they cannot disgiaöe her. She bas taken refugo in the soula of poets, in the souls of pensants, in tbe houIs of martyrs, ia tbe souls of aaints - tbe good goddess, the Goddess of Poverty. She ha8 many ohildren, andghe teaches them f ho secret oí God. She talkod to the beurt of Jesus upon thö rnountuin ; to the eyes of Queen Libusga, when she beeame enamoredofa labore; to the Spirit of John and Jerorae, upon tbe funeral pila of Constanoe. Slie kuowa more tiian all the doctors and all the bishóps - thsjgood Goddess of Poverty. She always makes the grandes and most beautiful things tbat we see upon the earth ; it ia she who haa oulüvated tha fields and pruaed tho trees; it is she who tends iho flocks, sioging the most jeautiful airs; it sha who first sees the jeep of dawn, aud reoeives tho last amile of evening - tiie good Goddess of Poverty. It is ehe who builds tbe cabin of the wood cutter, with green boughs, aud ives to the poacher the glance of the eagle ; it is she who reara tho most beuutiful urchins, and maken tbe epaae aad the plow light in the hands of the old the good Goddess of Poverty. ít ia she who inspires the poet, and makes the violin, the guitar, and the flute, eloquent under the fingers of t!ié artist; it is sha who carnes hira on her light wing, from the souroo of Ihe Moldau to thiit of the Danube ; t is she who orowns hi hair with pearls of dow, and makes the stars shine for hira more large and more clear - the goddos, the good Godd.s8 of Povorty. It she who iusti'ucts tha ingonious ar tisan ; who teaohea him to hew stone, to carve murble, to fashion gold, silver, brass and ron ; it ia she who reudera the flax eupi'le and fine as hair, frora th üngeis of the old mother, or ol theyoun? gr - the good Guddss of Poverty, It i shu who austiiins tho cottage, shaken by thfi storm ; it il shu wbo saves the rosiu for the toren, and oil for the lamp ; it ii s'ne who kueeds bread for the family, and weaves garments for the surnmer and winter; it is fche who feud thu world - thu good G)d dess of Poverty. It is she who lins built the grand churobea und the old oathedrals; it is she who carriea the abre aud tha gun, who makes war and conquesta. It is she who collecti the did, tendg tbe woundeu, and hideá thu eonquest - tae good G'.dcess of Poverty I Tbou rt all gentluueia, a1] patienca, all at'enííth, ui! otinipussiou, O, go"d goddess ! It ia thóu who unitest all th) ohildren in a holy lye, and who givcs ti) tbiíui íuith, Lope nd oharity - O, Gofhlets of Pnverty i Th y children wil! ceuse 01 e duy to oarry the woild upoo their shoulderrt ; they will bo raoompeiued for their troublu and toil. The time approaohes whuü there will bo ueilh; . r riuh nor poor; when all men shall donsoeu tho fruits of the earth, and equully enjoy the gif'.i of God ; hut thüu wilt uot be furgotten in.! their liytnna - ü, good GoJd.'is of Poverty ! Thoy will reraombor thntthou wort their frtïitful mother, their robust uurso, and their church iiiilítí.fít. Tbt-y will pour bahn upon Üiy wouuds, they will miikü the rjuvonated uud eui'unhuod earth, a bed where ihou canst at last reposo - O, good GoddeMi of Povurty 1 Until tho day ol tha Lord, tonen's and lorests, inoaotuins and valleyu, hoathes swarniing wilh little flvwer3 and little bírds, paths whioh have no masters, and spa'igled with gold - lot pass the gnod Goddess, the Goddess of Poverty !


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