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The Antiquity Of Petroleum

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In . Ecrypt petroleum was used for medicinal purposes nearly fodr thousand years ago, md oil spring aro still íd oxistencG in that country. In tbo latter part of tho last century two ships' cargocs of tbo crude oil vveo transported to Englaud to be sold, but the procesa of reünirg not being the traffiö was abandonad. Under the uame of Siciliiin oil, tho peoplo of Agrigeotum usod what is uow known as petroleum for purposea of illamination, and in Farma tiiero is a spung of uaphtha vvliich tho puoplo apply to a liko use at tho present. day. Ia Acia Mioor the oil et known to estót, and has boeu used to i ijr.ited cxteut for The oil wcils ia Bfcrthah', it Is estiinated, havq been yielding their prese Ht supply of eight humlred thousand barrels per an. ïium at lü;üt a huudred years, aniounting it'pcrioq to about eiht uiillions rit' förreis iu Eng'.ish mensure, Oil WüMs ■■xisf in Portia, :uk it 'n siid have latoly boeu diseovered near the Sea öf Aaof, while on tho !i-linJ of Sanios ihey exiated tíve huudrod yoars beioro the Ciulsti.ti! ura.--Zwiidvï $ráuf


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