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Pübllshed.íTery Friday raorning,in thethird üXorj of h brick block , corner of Main and Huron Sta., A.VN A;trt0il, Hich. Eatranceon Huroa dtreet, oppositethe frUklin. KLIflU B. POND, Editor and Publisher. ■1'trm.i, $3 OO a ïcar In Ad vanee. idrertUIngf - Onesquare(12 Unes or less)., ooe ttlt, 75cenU; triree weeks $1.50; and 25 ceats for Tjry'iBertiou there .fter, 1033 than three montos: One square 3 moa $4.00 l Quarter col. 1 rear $20 On iquare 6 uioa 6.00 Half column 6 mos 20 One ■quare 1 year 9.00 Half column 1 yoar 35 Xoq're 0 nol 8 00 One column 8 mus. 36 tiro q'ren 1 year 12.00 One column 1 year 60 Carda in Directory, not to exceed four linos, $4.00 Adfrttern to the extent of a quartcr column . regul,lr through the ytar, will be eutitled to hTe thtir ,rd 'n B'r'ctorjr without oitra charge. vl vertisements unaccomianied by writteDor ïirbaliirctioni will be pubhuhed until ordered out, %uJchargdccordiiigl}-. Ujal idrortijements, rtrst iosertlon, 50 cents per lio, 25 cents periolio for each aubsequent icsertion. üna poitpt:nemeut is added to au advertisenient the rijol, will be charged theaame as for Brstinsertion. Job Prliitlng- Parophletn, Hand Bills. Circular, ;irdi, Ball Tickets, I,abel, Bl.inks, Bill Hekds. and thrfarietie9 of l'lain and Fanoy Job l'rinting.execná'with prompt neus, and in the best style ' Cardl- We have a Ruggles Rotary Card Press, and Urferariety of tbo latest styles of Caril type which IDtbleï uu to print ,'arda of all kinda in theneatest ncMible style and cheaper thnn any other houeein the cty. Businen carda for men of all arooatinns and )rottuhas, Ball, Wedding and Visi'.inp; Cards, printed on 'ihort notice. Cali and see samples. ROOK BllVinfliG- Connectedwith the Office is a (fcok Bindery in charge of two competent workmen.- Coonty Records, Ledgers, Journals, and allBlank Bonka BHt'oordr,andof the best stock. Pamphletand fffiidical boundina neat and durable manniT, at D,.,it oricea. Entrance to Bindery through the Argus jfflc.


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