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Our Debt And That Of England

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How England oarnod her war debt of 1816, and how she grew rioh uoder its burdens, and richer and ricber, til ahe is the richest country in the Olc World, all men know. That debt in scribed in her Exehequer Books, was norainally $816,000,000, Tha New World has forgotteu thnt, in '22 years of her wars with France, England espended upon her armie, her navy, anc her Continental subsidies, $5,471,000, 000, derived from taxation. Her war debt should, of course, be oharged with this amount, aud thcu it would have etood tlio stupendous ooiuvun in the National Finaoce of $0,338,000,000- moro than three times as vast as our own war debt, just at tho end of the rebellion In 1816, one yearof the peaoe treaty ol Paris, wheu the Britieh debt had attained its maximum, the population o! Great Britain was 19,000,000. In 1864 the populatian ol the loyal States ol Americii was 25,000,000, In 1864, the ralue of the property ol Great Britain wr.g estiraated at $10,450,000. The proporty of the loyal States in that year waa estimatod at $13,395,000,000 That yoar's product in Qreat Britoin amounted to $l,57,000,000. Those of the loyal States tot the same year vrere $3,600,000,000. 'Chia conoparison give ua Americaua the advantago over our pushiDg couHins of England of 30 per cent. iu populatiou, 28 per cent. in property, and 10 per cent in anuua prDdncto."J!Vr. F. Triïwne.


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