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C. H. MÏIjLEN. rKAU3R iu Dry Goods, Oroceües, Crockery, &c. &c. JJ ManStroet,"Ann Albor. T$ hTlTp B AÍC H. DEALERS in Dry (íoodí,Groceries, Boote & Shoes, fee., Main at., AnnArbor. ""1ÏÏSDON & HENDERSOÑ. DEAI.EKS in Hardware, Stoves, hotüe furnislüng goods, TinWre, &c , &c, New Blocli, SUinst. s7Y."taylor, DEALER in Hat, Capí, Kurs, Robes, Genrs'.Furnisliing GooJs, PU. Bast skïe Main Street, Atd Arbor, ifichigAn. A, J. SUTHEÍtLAND, aGÊXTfor the "ew Vork Life Ifcsurance Cumpany A. OKce on Hurón street. Also has on hand a stocl of th most approve 1 .-lewing machines. 885tf . GBOEG : f7s CH Ek7 KEAT MARKET"- Hfl-sr Street- Gfncral dealer in Froh nd Balt Ke.-V, Bsaf, Muttou, Pork, Halus, ■'."oaltry, Lard, Tallow, &c, &c. LEW ITT & BRËAKEY. PHTSICIAXS AND SURGEON3. Office at theresidanee of ÍJr. L-ff-itt, north side of Uuron, tñ'o duoi-s wat uf Dívíhíoii Ireel. mTguitekman &"cö7 TITÍIOLESALK and Retail Dealers and Slanufactiirers II of Keady Mado Clutbing, Iapttera of Clotiis, Casimerea, DoésViÓB, &o.,'íío. , Phoenix Clock, Mainst. 5 wm. wagñYr7 DEALFR in ReVr Vitip Clothing, Cloths,' Cásstraeres, and V'estings, lïavs, í.'aps, Ti'unks, Carpo I Bags, &c. , ?hcenix Bluck, Main pfreet. "SLAWSO'ÍÍ & SOÏ7 iiROÖLRS, ProvíHÍon and ComraLs.sïon Mörchants, and J Dealers in Water Lime, Land Plastftr, and Flaster oí Pri, onodoor east of Cook's Hotel. SCOTT & LOOMIS, AMBIlOTYPE dad Photograph Artisf s. in the rooms OTer Otmpion'ti'Ctoíjliiiiü etore, Phceuix lílock, Per?ct satísfactiesgifrén J. B. POETER. OBSaEdÜ nr;TIST. OlScoCoratr ófHtin natïiiroDU itretB, over Back & Pierson'fl Store. All pa,lls att.rn.lid to Ap-rl859 MACK & SOHMID," DEALERS in ITctíígn anÍ T)omestic Dry Gooi, Grocer!Ofi. lints and Gapn, iïoots and Öhoes, Crockery, ke,, Corner of Main k Liberty sts. DKALKK ín Groceries, Frcv'sions, Flour, PrOdueeB Ac, &c,, corner Main and Washington Streets, Ana Arbor. The highéstmarket priecspaid lor country 'produce. 8(6 " mTcT kïanlë y7 Photograpliic -A-rtliat. 'Cerner Main and H-iron Streets, Atiu Arbor, Mich, PHOT RAPES, AM!3R6TVPES,c. .&c, 'n,tb latest fitjlfp, and every cTort mad tojive patisfaction. 956tf D. DkFOREST. HTflOLESALK and refcail dealer in LiHftber. Latfa, ' Shingles, Ssta, Doors.Blinds, Water Lime, Grand t"or Planter, Piaster Parin, aind "Nitils of p-llstzeR. A 'i'lmd perfectaortnuMitof the above, and all ether r iU of buililin laatena 1 noiiHtiintly on hard at the flTf jonibU' rites, on Detroit at., A few rodsfrutn the ■Rulroad Depot. Aiso oprrating estensivelj in the itsnt Cement Roofing. LUMBER YARD! C. KRAPF, Hisahrgfl and wcll Htocked Tiiimbcr Var cl , on Jefformn Street, in 1he South part of'tbe Citj, and will keep eouitantly on hand an e.cellent vanety of LÜMBEK, IjATH, &o. 'nich wiH u snld eb lnw as can to afforded in tliis íJRxlity ind price such tbat no one noed go to Detroit. COX RAD KRAPF: Ann Arber, Dec. 6th, 1364. 9S6H NEW MUSIC STORE! Persons wiahing io bny Pianos or Melodcons, JouM go to WILSFY'S MUSIC STORE, beforepurttftiing elnewhiro. He uill warrant natififaction to P"rcha6er, ay.fl totífí pleasure in referring to those no hre alroady purchased of him. Ho takes pride "? !aJing he has given the best of satisfaction jwfftr, anrl iotende so to dn ín uil casofl. Any Piano 'bes it to be distinctïy understood that he will not be TJIsriDEÏlSOXjlD 'jn; dealer East or West, SIOCI1"Th' 'at0St SUEET WHS10 forüa)e, PIANO ALVJN WILSEY. inArbnr. Pee. S7tii, 1864. 9S0td T .FOR SALE! OA SOJIRE3 AXD LOFS, wortb hom $1,000 to " $5,010. Alsn scverl impi-.iveii I'AK.MS. , A. J.BUTHEKI.AND, '■"oArbnr, Fob. 2J.1865. M4tf Commercial Agent. -. mm. &m ksm:.-m32m KNMRe PIANO- one of tlio bost n!rumenti -ntirïilT no-w, Tnquirft nt the argi's orncK.


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