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Jeff. Davis In Crinoline

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Tho Port Royal correspondent of the N. Y. World, gives the following account of the capture of Jeff. Davis and party : A squad of men in charge of a sergeant advanced to the tent in which it was concluded Davis was to be fouud and were on the point of entering when Mrs. Davis appeared at the opening, and hoped thcy would not "disturb the privacy of ladios before they had timo to dreas." The chivalric boy8 in blue, unsuspicious of frauil, p omptly withdrew, bluntly bul wull lueaningly apologiziug. They iittla imagined the kind of lady they were giving an opportunity to dresa. A fevv minutos thereafter there carne forth from the tent what seeraed to be Bn ancieut dame, attired in loóse wrapper, with hood closely drawn over head aod face and hearing on one arm a buoket. With the apparent female ancient carne Mrs. Davis, too. Mrs. Davis would waab. " Please," said she, " alio w my mother to go to the spring for some water ?" But the ejes of the sergeant were sharp, Under the skirts and the wrapper those eyes dettcted boots - heavy boots, of masculine size and make. " It seems to me," says he, " your mother wears rather big boots " Aüd he ifted the petticoats of the suppoHtitious. mamma. " Your mother's got a beard; too," he said, ns he looked undtr tl. e hood; ' I reckon your inoiher must bo your husband." ïhe hood was pulled back, aud then, wure enough, crest-fallon, dumbfounded, detec'.ed and utterly put to ehame, stood the late chief of the grandest eonspiracy that ever daztd mankind iuto the belief that troasou could ullimatcly triumph. Best draw a vail over vvhat follovved. Best not relate the ignoininy that belell tlii.s Diivia; how Le was secured likö a felón, and eearohed aud othcrwise treatdespitcfiilly ! They took him and liis family and retainers to Macón, thenoe to Atlanta, urd Uure, putting tho eutiro party ou tha carp, undur guard, Btarted on the way to tíavannah. The HrrahTt Augnsts, Gn., correspondent give8 an accouut of the oceupatiou of that city. General Moliueux, of New ïork, tncik formal posscssion on May 6tb, nnd found abont ono liundrod ihousaud baicrt of ootton, tui) milüoo dollars vrorth of orduance anti otber rebel etorea, and forty-fïve thousiind dollui'8 in bullion, A part of Jett' Davi' ppeciu train was captured, uud one huD'ired and eighty-five thousand dollars ol gold seoured. Thu Chicago Timet Faya that Mi-, tïuinner objocts to Iiaving Judgc Taney's biiHt plaoed in the Supremo Court room, Imt bil nevcr liciuii of his öttjeeöu; to Oh:m'!lcr having a bust in Ibe 8c-.'i;ito C'lúlubM.


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