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The Army Of The Potomac

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Gen. Miüapkj commanding, wns reviewed at Washington on Tnesdav, and a magnifioent display was ruado. TLe sevoral oorps oconpied six honra in passing the stand ocsupied by the President, the Cabiuet, Gens. Grakt and hkiíman, and other distinguished offi cers. The Array of Tcnnessee and Georgia, Gen. Siieumax coiüinandins;, wus reviewed on Wednesday, the reviow oecupying the same time as that of the day before. Gen. Siikrman was reoeived with freineudoua cheers wherever he appeared, and it Í8 said liis army couipared fnvorably in its persone! with the Army of the Potomac, notwithstahding ts long aod fatiguing marches. JCS" Tho radiual 'irieud (?) of the negro are olamoriug around President Johnson, demanding that he extend the right of suflFrage to negroes. Will these inen point out Ihe section of the Consti tution which coufcrs any right upon the President to s;iy who shall or who shall notv-otu 'm a spgle State of this Union? It belongs to the individual States to prescribe and determino the qnalifications of voters, ind by expresa ternis of the Constitutior, electors for Representativos iu CongroPí,- tho otily national officer elected directly by Ihe people, "in each State shall havo the qunlifications rcquis'te for electora of the most numerous branch of the State Legislature." Now that the w;.r i.s over, atid the " war power," a sort of india rubber concern, considorably contracteil, we conchide that the President, a strict constructionist, will hardly gratify the radicáis, and that the freedmen of the South, with their brethren in the North, will have to wait the regular action of the legitímate governmentsof theaeveral States n which they reside. E The Berlín correspondent of the London Morning Sar, in reportiug the proceedings of n meeting held May 2d, under the uuspices of the Americana resident at the Prussian capital, in honor of the uieiuory of Abraham Lincoln, says : . " The Rev. Dr. Taitan, of New York, delivered a poweríul funeral oration on the deceased President Lincoln, whone foul aesassination has filled the whoie civilized wirltl with horror. I regret that epace forbids me to enter into the details of the discourse, whioh was ïnuch adraired, and spoke to the heartg of all piesent." L3C Report naya that Jkpï. Datis did not hear that n'reward had been offcred for her arrest until the proclamation of President Johnson feil into hts hands while being brought Xo:th. - When the read it he was dceply aflfeoted, diopped her head, and uttered a bitter groan, while tho gtnuino Mr. Dati burt_iuto an ngony of tears. - If we hve " mixed " tlie personal pronouns a little in the above paragraph, it ia owing to the crinoline getting out of place. 'L-fLT The Jockson Citizen says that Hon. S. S. Lacey, of Marshall, has been appointed Collector of Internal Revenue forthis Congresaionsl district, viee Mayhew, and thereupon compliment Lacet aud Mayhbw botb, viá sayg it don't know why the change was made. We 8uggüst to tho CititM tbat an old advocate of the " rotatioQ-in officu" system now occupios the "White Houso, and tbat other heada mny follow Mayhbw's. VW Alex. H. Stephens, Vice President of the defunct Southern Confederacy, was capturcd at his home in Georgia, where he hasbeeD quietly remaining ever sioce the Huinpton Roada coüference, aud brought North on the same steamer with Jkff. Davis. With Postmaster-General Rkagan he has been consigned to Quartei-M at Fort Delaware. V3t C. 0. Clay, oue of the rebel magnates for hom President Jounbon offeied a revvard as being one of the conspirutors in the assafaination scheme, has voliinturily surrendered himself to Genend Wilsün, avowing his innocence and h is reíidiness to stand a trial on the charge. He was brought North in company with JefpDavis, and is confined at Fortiess Monroe. CJET That pestiferous Englishman, Qeokge Thompson, is again on the rampagfi, urxl is demauding the electivo franchise for the negroes. Hadn't he better take the ii'st s'.eamer acroea thu Atlantic, and cali -upon Queen Victoria, her Ministers and Parhament, to put tho ballot in the hands of the millions of diofranchised Ireo born white Euglishmcu 'i tr' Joii.n C. Breckinriduk was not oaught in compmy with Jr.rr. Davis, but is yet at large, and is supposed to bo runticating scmcwhere in tbo swamps of Florida. JS Gold is np n linie ; truchcd Uil on Wcditcstlny, l+mp l 139 ft -8, L2ïr The oouspirncy trial wag ndjournod frou Monday iiutil Thursday, because of the military ruviuw. Tlio [ evidenoe on the part of the prosccutiou lias uot been closed, but what is in directly crituinates nll tho partios uuder arrest, while it farotshes Dothing but íuspioiou agaiost the prouiinenl rebels i Í!iiilicateil. It is presumed the evideuce yol to ba [Jivduced by the governmoiit H'ill have a more diiect Loaring upon that prt of tho case. If not, tho " bureau of military juntico" hus made grave charges on siuhU grouods. t3' The News is respectfuüy ínformod that tho Anaus has not tlie interest s of tho " prescDt inciimbeut" of lbo Post oflke iu itt keejnng, and also thal the " present incumben'." s nat at all ruppoasiblo fur our tenas exposiug the " conspiraoj" to efl'cct a ohange. However, for iear our ncighbot'.-t " tools" v not keep uin prime order" ui!ss disuhargüd before getiing rustv, e snggest that he " Itt lou,se the dogs of ar." 8. The Jaukso Cittzrn ñ.f that Gen. Cutlih, cominandiint at Camp Hlair has received aa ordor direct frfim the War Uepar'ment to put the camp in ordfir for tlie roeeption uf the M'ohigan rcgintents, and thfit 11 the reg itnents are to be sent thero to be mustercd out of service. As Michigan hss from '20,000 to 25,000 men now in tho field our Deighboring city wiil swarm with " bravo boys in blue." L:L Tlie greal Northwestern Fair opens at Chicago on Tuesday next. Our readers will remember that the procoeds of the Michigan department are to be devoted to the esiablishuient of a Soldiers' Home in this State. U'S' e 'iavB un excellent map at the service of our neighbor oí the New whenever Le desires to improve bis knowledge oi Geography. The Lincoln Memorial Fund. - John I. Thompson, Esq., of th!s city, has been ppointed Asai'tant Treasurer for tliis city and viiinity, of '' The Lincoln Memorial Fund," and is autborized to receive snbscriptions, wlilnh me limited to one dollar each. Collectior.s are being made in New York and rthfr eaatern cities, and we presume in all the cities tbroughout the land, and the fund ia to be prosentpd to the family of Mr. fcArcOLS with a Hst of the contribntors. Bbxjamis B. Sukkman, the eminent bankor of Wall Slroot. isTreasuror, and lus appeal comes endorsed by Gen. Dix, Hornee Gieeley, Mosea Taylor, W. 0. Bryant, M. 0. Roberts, and Isaac Sherman. Mr. Thompson has opened the books, and is ready to reoeiTo subscrip tin'. jL3E We underptfind that the Directora of the First National Bank of this city, hnve passed a resohition that after the first dayofjuly they will not pay out at tbelr counter, any currency sava U. S. Treasury notes or " greenbacks," National Bank notes, and bilis of the Detroit City Banks. And 01 coursethay will reeeive bilis of all other b&nks ouly at a discount. This wiH hplp reiiev our community of a lot of semi-worthless trash which now passes current, counterfeit an pennine alike, wliile " Krecr.backs" and National currency are hoarded by bankors, bro kers, end private individuáis. We think th( movR tiniely, and .aggest that farmers brai it iu niind when they sell their wool JáST There is very little aetivity in the Produce Markets, holders not beina incline. to sell at present figures. Teslerday the lead ing articles now on the markot ruled as fol lows : Whkat- Red, $1 35@l.3O Whit, $1.30(3) 1.50. Pu'e No. 1 readily brings the latte figure. Oats - 50c. Cobn - None coming forwa-d Potatoks- 55c for Peachblows, m'xet varieties lesg. Btttkk - 18@'2flo.; Egos - 16c. Wool - The new clip is not off yet, and fo old 55c. is the outside figure our buvers seen ir.clined to oifered. In ansther column wíl be found the latest review of tl:e Bostoi niarket which we commend to holders. tyST A couple of boys, whoso name vq snpprces by requost of friends, got into a quarrel on Wedne.sday, wbich terminated by one shootmg the other throngh the flosby part of the leg. It is linie that parents pxpressly prohibit their boys frrwn carrymg pistola, and iftbis proliibition will not accomplish, the pólice should take from them all pistol seen in thpir possesnion. Men viólate the laws against carrying concealed woapon Piiongli, but boys, at least, should be reiiuired to ober tbem. The report current that the rftray occurred at sc1kv1 is unfor.ndcd. It was just at evening and in ihe street. fcrZST The Detroit Tribvnsa fow days since drowned a boy at this city, but we asMire our readers that he was only drowned in the Tribune. We believe that a boy did fall in or was pusheci into the race on Saturday last, but he was got out again without injury save a ducking, and most boys don't mind that. - The 7Vt6!nVitem gathercrs all orer the State have a knack of making " much ado about nolhing," and flll eolnmna eithrr with exaggerations or sensation personal matters with which the press haiTno business. Id" At tho recent seásion of the "Ann Arbor District Ministerial Association," SI. E., held in this city, a social visit was pid to the I'residins Eider, Rev. T. O. Gaudxer, (liiring which the Rev. 1). O. Jacokf.5, in belialf of the Association, pretsented their host with ?115. Bp Street cars are running in East Sagiimw and Grand Rapids, and ihe construction of a Stn-et Railway is being Hgitalpil nt Adrián. Can't some of onr capitalista organize a coiiipany and givc ut a railway, ;iy frora the depot lo the Square, and throngh lÏHi-flii anï 8(l" Btrefl. to tlte UnWersk.y. The Charges Against the Asaassms. The publication of tho charges and ipeciüuatiuns Bgainst the eonspirators who aro under trial al Washington, 'urnisihos the public with some informaion not hitberto oitorded, as to tho ac;ua..tions agaüist the particular individuáis who are now balore the Court. It ilao shows that some pereoDS are implio:iled wbo have lot jet boon arrested. - l'ho prinoipal churgs is againsl all the porsonn who are under arrpst, viz: David Harrold, Georgo A. Atzerot, Lewis L'ny.:u, Michael O'Laughlin, Edward Bpangler, Samuel Arnold, M;iry Surratt .and Samuel A. Mudd. 'fhey are chaiged conspiring with tho foüouirit,' persons: John il, Surratt, Johu Wükes Booth, "Jeiferson Davis, (J-eorge N. Sanders, Bnverly Tucker, Jacob Thompson, Willhim C1. CIrary, Cltrfflëfit C!. Olny, (J-eorge Youug, and others unknmvn, to kill and uuirder Abruham Linooln, Audrew Johnson, Williiim H. Seward nnd Ulyssus S. (irant, wiih intuntion te deprive thu army and navy of the United State.s of a oohstitutioiKil Oommandur in-Chief, md to deprive tho artnies of the United Ötat's of thcir l:nful oointtir.ndUr, and to prevent a lawful election oí President and Yice President of thu . United Staten ; and to aid and coinfnrt tlio inurgonts erigtiged in armed rebellion gainst the Uüi'.ed States, and thereby o aid iii the subversión and overthrow )f the United States. Edward Spangier is charged with iding and apsisting John Wilkes liooth o obtnin entrance to the box in the hoatre in which Abraham Lincoln was ilting at .the time he was assaulted and hot, and also with niding him in barr'mg and obstri:cting the door of the box of he theatre, go as to hinder and prevent my assistanee to a re.-.cue of the pres'ident aga;nst tha murderoua assault; ind with aiiing and abetting Buoth in making bis escape aiter the murder. Harrold is charged with assiating Booth in the murder and in hia escape. Payne is charged with having tn:ule the nurderous assault upon Secretary Seward, Frederick W. Seward, Augustus W. Seward, Emrick W. Hansel and George N. Robinson. Atzerot is charged with lyiDg in wait for Andrew Johnson with intent to murder him. Michaèi O'Laughiin. about whom little bas heretoforo been said, is charged with lying in wait to murder Gen. Grant. Samue Arnold is charged with combining witl Booth and the others to commit the murders, and Mrs. Surratt is chargec with conspiring with them, harboring, conceaüng and assisting them, and helping them to escape from justice. The Hpecitíoations are very minuto, and the fate of tho entire party will become ap parent as the trial progresse?. The Exchange National Bank of Norfolk has been organized with a capital of $250,000, and is designattd a governtnent deprsitory and fiiiaucial agent ot the United States,


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