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Hanging--for What?

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From the Xew Vork Trib: ne. as lo loase wiio Relieve, or think they buheve, that our government may justiüably hand over lo trial and pumhment as trui tors Gen. R. E. Lee aud all othw pmooersof war parolcd imder hia capítulatiou and those fasítlonéd after ir wo beg of them to consider, firat, thó expresa ferms of that capitulation Tliis (the snrroDfler) done, cach officer and man will bo allowed to ruturn to their homos, not to be disturbed bu United otates authority so Ion" as they observe their parole and the latos in forcé w her e they reside. These conditions wero framed and proposod by Gen. Grant, and accepted by Gen. Loo. And Gen. Grant, in bis □ nal letter, says : The tenas upon whicli peace can be bad are well understood. By the South laving down their arma, they will hasten that most desirablo event, save ihousands oj human Uves, aud hundreds of millions oí proporty uot yet destroved. Sincerely hoping that all our diñculties may be setlled toilhout the loss of another Ufe, I subscribe myself, very respectlully, your obediont aervant, U. S GUANT, Lieut, Gen. U. S. A. Can tlíera be a rjuestion aa to tho proper forcu and oílect of thia languago? ís there one geneia' officer in the Union armies who bülds that the men shielded by this capitulation can nuvertheless be nowarrcsted, arraigned fbr troason, and put on trial for thoir Uves. If there be one iwch, vo challenge him to stand forth, and lot the public havo a look iuto bis eyes. We do not believo thore is ono. Wo miyht strengthen our case, if that were needed, by citing the debate on the above terrns in our Stute Sépate, or the demur to them by Senator Bell, the enger .indorsoment they received from Messrs. Fieldsand Humphrey, aud the corre.spouding manifestations in all parts of the country. Had our government beon left at liberty to arrest, try, conviut and bang the parolod rebels, the demur and the eager approval would h ive boen alike propostorouss. But tho truth is already plain. The Time knows-all tho iutelligoiit know- that not one of those aroled under Leo'a and_ tho kiudrod cupituktions will bo [u_ishod for treason, or tan be, without a breach of faith. Theri why not frank[y say so, and take thereby a long strido toward paciijiug and trannuilizing tba 3ountrv ?


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