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What New York Pays For Amusement

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Whea 'ho Talare historian of tho ropr.blic tabes up tli e burden of our great ;, tt v. ili interest hiiu and hia readers to turn for a whila trom thu glaré of flauiiug caunon, and brisllir.g inuskefry, to examine tho social conditiniis ol civil lifö in i country íd wbich such bcuics of rigorous warfare were i'imctcd ; and ït will proraote accuracy in llie estímate of our r.atioiml charactor to studv ihe habita ubfl demeanor of Buoieiyji thiough its bi.ptisin of h're and (lood. To this end wo have colleuted the items of expeudituro oí the people of New York for public amusements during tne pVesÈffréeason, as eramently calci laicd to illustfate the temper aud b oí ur people. Froni tho first day i -f Julv tt) Ihe SOth day oí April, lust, tbc soven principal theaters and the Academy of JMüsic in this city, reoeived for draiiuiüc perfornianccf , 1,058,000, and pafd tax m tlio same to the amount of $'21060. ri'he laigcst sun) puid by any tiienter for tax duiitig the period ib,.vu uumcd, was tfiat paid by Niblo's Garden, ámounÚng to $4,778 92. The smallest ttxm paid by any theater, between the fpregoing dalos, was that paid by the OM Bovvery Tlieater, amounting to 8i-G:-L Gl. Tho socond largest tas was that paid by the Academy of Mnslc amounting to $3,3-20. The second smallest tax waa paid by tho New lifHvnry Theater, and amounted to S1,R17 5G. The third largest tax was paid by Wallaok'a Theater, and amouiitvd to the budi of 2,788 44. Tho third e-mallest taz waa paid by tho Broadway Theater, anieuntiug to $3j271. 55 ' The French Theater from October to February, paid a tax of $197 48, Tho thrèe Nejro Minstrelsy Exhibitious paid tax to the amount of $2 440 Bryant's paid the largest lax, i:iuount:i)g from September 1, to April S0, to 993 00. Wood's establishment paid the flèxt largest, amouiiting to $728 16. Cámpbeü's & Hoolcy's Troupe paid tx tu the amount ofl $719 08. From Octoucr 1, io March 31, the Ilippolhea'.ron, in Fotirteeuih 8treet paid tax árriouuting to $1,540 74 on their eqiiestriah and other performances. Tho American Theater, 4-Í4 Broadway paid a tax of 8774 30 thoir reccipts from July to April. The Gorman Theater paid, from September to April, tax to thö árnountoí $1,952, Iq addition to tbc foregoing amounts, of tax píiid by fláees tí amusement between July l] and April 1, wo may meution -Barnuru's Museum, the tases on the Cfi'oss receipts of which reach the high i G8. Independent of the BffïUS etiülïlerated nbove, a large am-ount of tas is paid anuually in this city by tho propriêtora "f miscellaneous exhibitioiiti, lüuking a total of not less than 30.000 annually, paid into the Treasurv IVom the singlo sourcu of publio amusemc-'HS in the metropolis alone. ultiem vg)t&


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