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High School Exhibition

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The Exliibiüon of tlie gmduating elass of the High School of this city took place on Friday forenoon last, iu Union School Hall.- The liall was not as ivell fllloil as it sliouhl l,av(j been, Uut, neverllieloss, a largo and ftpnteciatipa audionco was preient. The hall was beautifully trimned for the occasion, tlio wsüi beiDg huns witli picturs, tiio windows aud pilláis wroatheil with oaks. The class motto, "Ba True to Tliyself," surmounted tlie natioual flag al the back of' the stage.- IVo believe tlio Juniors are eillitled to tho credit for tlio taste displayed. Tlie exercises were conducted in accordanco ,vith the following programme : 1, Have an Aim, Stepuen C. Hall; Pcxtor. 2 Monuments, Heskï 0. Snitoheb, Salem, N. J. 8. Cliaracter, Ella K. Ckopsey, Ann Arbor. 4. Hard Knots, Sofhik Gakland, Ann Arbor. f, Tlie Magnitude of the Refoimation as an Event ia Uislory, JosEPn M. Gelston, Ann Arbor. 0 Fragments, Nellik J. Mavnard, Ann Arbor. ï. Victory, Clara E. GooDBicn, Ann Arbor. 8 The Iullueiice of Sultering, Vt KALTiiY Wiutmüke, Añil Arbor. 9. Cost and Value, Ali-ked E. WilkinsoS, Mornstown, IU. 10 " Wc Live n Deeds not Yoars," Linda Lewib, Ann Arbor. ' Emily N. Smith, Ann Arbor. 12. Illusious, . . Edward A. Horton, Chicago, 111, 13 Tho Fate of Reforméis, Theodobe F. Keek, Lotïi. 14. of C:iitificaïes. 15 Tlie Class of '05, An Ode- Sung by the Claus. The speakers aud readers acquitted Uiera selves not only creditably to tuernselves but to tlieir instructora aud the School. The Compositions and Orations gare evidence of niucli thought, and of considerable acquired skill in the use of language. Aud this is an attainmont to be )irized; for one of the important ends of school education is to fit the pupila for letting the circle in whioh they may be called to move kiiow, not by vain aud e upt yboastings, but with a modest hearing, that they have learned to think and reasoi aud to teil the results of their ihvestigatiODS. We sliall not criticise t?ie several piecea. After (lie progranirne had been gone through with, Trof. Lawtom, by directora oí the Board, presented the graduates with a liandsoiuely engraved-oertfficate. In addition to those takiug part in the esevoises the following members of the class received certificates : Samuel F. Cook. Byron A. Craoe, ■ffilliam A. "VVa-n, Jessie H. Honiiiuis, filia E. Latson, and Julia E. Mount. The Schools have clofed a proaperous year Tliey will open again on the last Moudiyof August. -The Secretary of the Class luis furnislu-d u the following paragraph, which wc cheeriully appeud to our brief report : In the evening, at 8 o'elodt, tlio teftchefe and class met agafi), in the Union School Hall, vliere a supper had been preparad by a committee appoiuied for the purpos. This dis pensed witti, the Presideut of tlio Class, Mr T.F. Kker, made a few ïxsiiiarks, after which the reuiaiuinj; ollicora perfornied, in turn, Üieir various iarts. The history of Uie class was read by Miss Jíuluolland ; the Oration ilolirrred by Mr, Dusxins ; Poem by Miss Emilï N. Sjhth ; Prophecy by Mr. E. Wilkixson. Several toasts were givon by the toast-niaster, Mr, Wilmams, which were re.'pomled to by the teachers and members o' iho class. An invitatiou as extended to the cljss of '1)5 to altend a prty at the residenco üíE. M. UiLNKiiüES, Esq., on the. Monday eveuing following, fpr which a vote of thanlcs was taken. ïhe company uuited in singing Uie class-song, aud the exercises of tha evenitig closed.


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