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iUlD UCKAN, liOMEWARD J-SOUNB, June 1865. Whnt pleasanter than to apend a year in Franue's capital ? Are you a politirian, here centers thediplomacy of Ëurope; are yon a litterateur, here learnug eollects ts brightest geuuises, and worth rocdivos ita highest roward ; are you an cpicurean, hero sensuality is a virtuc, and vice ia deeorated as a bride. O gyety, here is thy retreat ; O acccmplishment, here is ia tby homo; O love of liberty, here too thou shinest brightly. But attiactive as it is, Paris couldn't always claim one's attention. The soft, balmy air of Spring invited to travel ; Italy waa aS yet uuexplored, the etornal city uusoeu, aud the Spring fites aitructud the voyager. Two months have passed rapidly since then. II(jiue bas boon visited. I have seon the Pope under St. Püter's magnïficeut domo ; I have atteotlod the grand ceromouios of tho Holy-vvuek ; I have st.ollod about the Coliseam aud rode along tho Appian way, and mused amid the Foruoi, and stood upon the Capitoline hill. I havo wanderod aniid the olive groves of Tivoli I Lave asceüded old puffng Vesuviuf, and walleed amid Pompeii's deserted streets. I havo seen Floreuee, the iiiodeni Aihcus, all deeked in flowers and bannera, and glowing w'tth enthusiasïi as sbe offerod a tributo to Dantb's meraory. I havo viíited Veuico, the ocean quoen, all arrajTed as it were in fuucral g-irineuts, awaiiiug sileDtly yot hupefully the resun'ection mom of her liberty ! Oue eveniug as I was rambling about tho old Arena of Verona, what should appear but a familiar salutation, and I seo before me but two Ann Arbor boys, fresh from the Now VYorlJ and eager for aights in the Old. The one, with a fierce mustache aad dignifiud air, looked every inch a brigadier, and with hia Germanic tastes readily fiüds hitnself at homo in the greater part of Europe. The othor, tal!, and iudopendent, and with a sentimental nature, neods but the age of chivalry to make hiui a veritable Don Quixote. The meeting of friends is alwaya ploasant, but doubly so wlien an ocean rolls betwoen them and native land, and tl:ey are aliens from home. Hcnceforth we traveled togeihor. From Verona our course laj northwardi We were whirling tbrougU the valley of the Adige, and uear the Miucio, wLere tbe First Napoleon had been baforo us, and whcro tbo Third took bis short promenade in '59. By the Breaacr pass we entered the Alps. As we safc ia the coupe of our diligence whicb passed araid the loveliness of nature, wa whiled many an bour in awakeoing mouutain echos witb pntriotic songs. Oíd rooks, for once your salutaüons wero liberty sentiraents, aDd your replies were filled with patriotism. What matters it to the American boy, whether be stands ]on despotic soil or in tyrannieal doioinioDS ? Nourished ainid independence,. boru as froe as the winds of hoaven, bis expreased sentiinents are always foï God and Liberty. Does he stand in Paris, be exclaims Vive la Re publique ! does be visit Rome, be cries Vive Garibaldi ! does he see Venice, he makes the gondolior shout for Italian unity ! We viiiicd Muuicti, nncf of eourse drark boor. O fj'iger, thou sprondest a halo of glory obout Bivaiia's capital F sevon hundred eatablislunents vie in liono-rJtig thee ! tbou makest rnerry ïnciiy a Bavarian beurt. The kiug thee as tbnu (lusa pnrkle iu goíd"óa cup, and tho powwit aiore tlieo as tbou gliHeres' in his eurthcn inu;. Wu passefl oúr94verf ofl, witli great SÜ'JCvS?, as American priuees nt Yi. una ; wc timirod linpliui'l h t?nu Sksío at Diosdon ; wo rauibletl anwd tho slruets of Prusa'm's capita)r nnd stood by tbe tomb of Frederick the Great at Potsdam. At Berlin I bid adieu to my companious, sad to leave behiod tlioso wilh whoin T bad vvLfled so many a pleaRant honr. Jlanover, Utrecht., Amsterdam, the Tlaguo, Rotterdam viaited, and I bid faruwell to the Continent. England, sniiling as ever, traversed onco more, aríd I said good byo to Europe. A few day henee and I got siglit of the New World!. I have wandered gnmewhat amid the countries of auotlior continent; I have tvaversod the biijhlands of Scotlnud ; I biivr s-ecn Ui" fpriilït "i" rrèland : I líavo admired England'H vorduro ; I have passüd over many a bilí ind vale of smiling Franco; I have been amid Swiss mountains, Itaüan lakes, Austriuu campaguos, Saxon bilis, Buyarinn foresta, Prussiau pluios ; I have peen i oramas sueh as Naturu gives seldom to ! her childreu ; I havo feit tho entliusiasm which the historio souvenirs ol somo parta of Europe alono can give; I havo witnessed iustitutions carried to thoir highest modera developmont ; and jet no country havo I seen, no panorama ha?o I gnzod upon, no iusti..utiou have I admired such as mino own. Amerio: , thou uit niy home. I caimot look upou thee but with prejudicod eyes. I exaggerato all thy virtues; I forgot all thy faulta and when agaiu the western horizon is darkeued by thy sliores, I sKall greet thee as I uaver greeted other lands. Elsowhere I walk a stranger, vvith thco I wilk at homo. All iny Godspeeds are with thoo. As the sun this day rose rcplendout in the Eaat, and spanned triutuphantly the heavens, only to set amid additiooal splendors, so mayeat thou riso grandly auiid the nationa, traverse gloriously the ceaturies, and, when at length thou hast filled tho world with light, and accomplished thy mission, sink, if sink thou must, with more than rising beauty iu the far off iigea ! F. VV. B,


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