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Summer Pruning Of Grapes

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Tbc Califoruian Farmer givos, in a coinmunication froffi J. J. VVuIker, of Los Angolos, tho fullowiog statement : " I wilt relato onu nstanco ot the effect of pummor pruning. A fow years ago I B-aw at ono of our wine prosees a lot of grapes, aniong whioh wuru mauy clusters entir&ly white; other-i that had berries of all the different shades ol color, from a greonish vvhito to a cl ark purple. The grupea were of moro tiian average gize, extrernely tendor, not unplcasant to biste, but deficiënt in aeid, sugar and tirmnoss. The pile looked likt) a fatuily of nmlattoes. As the winemakor could afford no explanation to this pennraonon, I inquired where the grapes woregrown, and sougbt a solution of the myatary by an exaniination of the vinuyard, und by inijuiriea of tho owner. The vines were twolve years old, of the cormnon variety, planted at tho uual distauce apart, and had grown vigorously from the time of pliiutinnf, and Yero of good beight from tho grouod. There had been a heavy grovvth of canes on the vines that season, owing in part to the heavy raina oi the winter previous, 1861-2, eo as to in terlook and cover the field. About the same timo the berrios had attained their growth, and just as they wore beginning to take color, the ovvner, iu order to give tho grapea an opportunily to ripen aud acquiro sweetnoss, went through the vinoyard clipping off enough of tho ends of tho canes so as to open a spaoe betvveon the rows to petmit ventilation and üllow the rays of tho sun to rcaoh the ground. The vines being in a luxuriant state, imiaodiately threw out numerous ne branches from the clipped canes, with new and fully drvelopod, but rapidíy growing leaves. The ptiunomoÖOD was fully and satisfuctorly explaiimd, When the berries needed thrifty aud well dovelopod leaves, to collect heat, light, and othor cloments from the air, and elabórate the sap, so a a to funiish color, sugar, etc., they had been deprived ot' them, aud tho vines vvero alraost exclusively eugugcd, aud the sap coasumed in forming leaves."


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