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The Mississippi Convention

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Nuvv York, August 22. The HerahVs Jacksoo, Miss., special of the 21st, says the followin: constitutioüal amendnient has just passed the convention by a voto of 86 to 11 : "The institutiun oí slavery having been deBtroyed in the State of Mississippi, neither slavery nor iuvolunlary servitude, othcrwiee than fur punishment of crime whereof the party sbftll have been duly eonvicted, sliall hercafter exist in this State, and the leg'relature at its nexLsesmon, as the public; welfare may requiro, shall proride by law f'or the protection and security of persons aud ])i'oporty of f reed meo of tho State and gaard tbem und the Ktato agairjst any evil thut oaay arise froru tl ir sudden ernnncipation. Lady Franldiu was enturtnininrr the Queen of tlio Sandwich Islands in Paris. Cotton of thÏH year's growth bas been brougbt to the New Orleacs markot. - II. was raised teven mries below that city. A man nrraigned before au English pólice court reeently had been in prijon twenty-two (mes sinca 1843 for various offenees, Tfiuró was a sale at the Pütroloum Exchanee ü ATev Y;irk, last woek, of ouu thousand sbareH in a certairi oj coinpaiiy for livu dollars und fifty cunts - ubcut Lalf a cent por sha re. The L Crófiè 7!ï})t.i!ïcan, uffër ing a ueigliboriog uiluór " i truilor, a [uiu uud n liar," t;a, ' we do not ! intetid tbcso reinaika u theliglitet deperfonul ur offeosivc."


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