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A Southern Woman Vs. A Yankee Colonel

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A female rebel, a Memphian and a widow, who shali go by the uame of Mrs. C , was reccntly up the river on ono of the Cairo puckets, when she got in an excited discussion with Col. 8 , on the subject of the war. It took phice in the ladies eabin, and soon brought around them acrowd of eager listeners. She pourod whole broadsides of sarcasm into the Colonel, who received them with his usual charactenstic of good humor. The closing scène of the diseussion is giveu by ray informant as follows : " You may overrun the whole South," said MrB. C ;" you may buru our towos, lay waste our plantations, maitn or kill our last man, but, thon, air, we will arm onr boys with squirrelrifles and shot guus, and putone behiud every stump in the land. What will you do theu?" " O," replied the Colonel, " in that case we will be compclled to eall out and arm enough of your niggers to surround the stumps." " But when you have aecomplished all that, we, the women of the South, will bear our breasts to the federal bayoneta." " You daré not do that, madam." " Why not, sir ?" " Por tho simple reason, madam, it is unlawful. Your Confederóte Congress made it criminal for you to exposé your cotton to the Yankee forees." The lady retired suddenly, while the listeners laughed uproarioufly.


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