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The Seventeeuth Annual Fair of tlie Washtenaw County Agricultural and Horticultura] Society, will be held on the gronnds of the Society in this city, on AVednesday, Thursday, and Friday, next week, October 4th, 5th, and 6th. The premium ligt offered we believe i much largar and more than in former years, and should cali out a larger and btter show in the several departruents. - Washtenaw County never fails to hold her own in the State Fairs, and ahvays gathers in sorae of the finest premiums, but we do not thiiik tliat late years our County Fairs have been up to the average of those of sorne other counties - say Lenawee, Jackson, and Calhoun. This lias grown in part out of the dissensions which grew up at the time of the permanent location of the grounds, and in part out of the preponderance of the liorse interest in the management. But all sectional Hud other jealousies should be laid aside, and our Oounly Fair should be made what it ought to be. We, therofore, hope to see next week a general turn-out, and a full exhibition of horses, cattle, sheep, agricultural implemi'iits, domestio manufactures, produce, fruits, &c, &c. J&3T A more perfect illustratioQ of the ti-utli of the proverb - " U's a dirty bird thatfouh its own nest " - rietor caine under our notice, than is furnished by the editorial in the Oourier of last week, attemptiug to prove printers extortioners. It is a fitting work for one wlio has been in the " craft " o long, anc whose experience is more than that of the eombined printers and legislators of all the States. But, as the Cottrier man ig not a printer, it is neither expected that he will have any regard for the usages of the trade, or any horror of "rats," and, tlierefore, so long as lm "controls" a paper he is welcorue to run a muck upon estabfeked price lists, and resort to any nnprofessional or dishonorable practices to secure a Iittle extra business and notoriety, both of which he desires alike. He will be tile loser and not us. - While the Courier't hand is in will t figure lip an advertisement or two - say frora one quare to a fourth of a column - at its short time rutes, and see how much of a balance there would be ágainst the statute prices 1 Legal ailvertisements-io not runa year, and will not average six weeks. 'J'hey are rarely column "ds," either, and will not average over four squares. Or does the Covrier repu. líate its ewn scale, and nsert short ïnd short time advertisemonts at aunual and column rates1? SíS The Literury Department of tlie Üniversity opened on WedneRday of last week, and up to Monday of lilis week the admissions were largely in excess of last year's oorresponding date, and lacked but about 50 of coming up to the fall registry of the last catalogue. This promises a largo increase of iiumbers. Lectures in the Law and Medical Departments will commence on Monday next, and our streols are throngeil with students in adTjince of the opening. Juilying by the uuinbeis lready registered, the altendance in each department 11 be greatly in excess of lust year. We predict the next catalogue of the University will record tho names of over 1200 students. - In this connection, the Detroit Tribune is ailvised to squalch the iusaue babblings of its viluableand enterprising " paid correspondent," about the extortion practiced by our citizens. There is none of it. Students may not get board and rooms withift an hour or two of their arrival, but if they will have a little patience they will fmally secure both at reasonable prices. L3T The tide of business building this year seems to be setting Southward. J. Uaximtkkfer bas boiiglit four rods off from the old Parmalee property, corner of Main and Liberty Streets, has airead)' excavated cellir adjoining the residence, and will soon hye a brick building erected to be used as a Confectionery Store and Ice Cream Saloon. - He has rented his present quarters - hall included - to Messrs. Gwinner & Gartmee, who WiH take possession in a few days. Geokge W. Moobe bas just got the walls up for a three story building South of where Haxgsterfer is at work. Al present ho will "se it as a residence, renting the upper rooms, Irat designs as soon as it shall be deinanded to convert it into a business building. Several stores are also nearly up on Liberty Street, West of Mack & Scumid's corner, so that the corner of Main and Liberty seems to be the center of gravity at pre-'ent. Property kolders on the North and East idos of the Square must begin to stir or they will be left on the outskirts. L" Mokris Gkeog, of thia city, met with serious accident about 6 o'clock, A. M., on Wednesday, at Niles. He was accom[jsnying a stock train, which it is alleged was 6tatted prematurely, and attempting to get n slipped and had his right leg cruslied under the whêels. Mrs. Ghegu and N. P. Parsons, with whom he is conneeted in business, ansivered a telegram by takirig first train West, accompanied by Dr. Lewitt. His leg had been amputated, just above the knee, before their anival, and taking the return train they brought him home. He was doing as well 5'esfcerday as could be expected. A laborar in the shop of Partkidoe & Iapfery, had a flnger of his right hand taken off on Wednesday. JfriT' y0 ]-]Ope tiat a large number f our subscribers who may visit the County Fair next week, will find time to give us a ca1l and pay up arrearages for the Argüs It 's " after Harvest " novv, and we assure our Wends that we can advantageously use every .dollar tbat is du bs.


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