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Wiieat - The quotalions i Detroit yesterday, were, No. 1 White, $2.02 by the car ; No. 2 White, $1.87; No. 1 Amber, 01.01 No. 2 Amber, $1.80. In this rm.rket there is no ]ure No. 1 White coming in, and we quote j other grades ranging f rom $1.50 to $1.75. Oats - Detroit prices iiüc free ou board ; 37c in bags. Cors -In Detroit, 7 Je in bags. Putatoks- Rule liere at L5@30c ; the latter bfing oli'ered for Peachblows, Api-lks- ?2@3 per bbl. Quinces - $1.7í@2 per busliel. Cranukehiks - f2@2.50 per bushel. Butter - In good deiuand, at 30@35c. E oiia - 18c per doz. Ü3ÈP Messrs. Champion & Applbqatb have sold the Adrián Watehtoteer printing establishment to Ooi. Wm. Humpiirky, late of the 2d Michigan Infantry, who has discontinued the Walchtuwtr and issued instead the Adrián Tunes, daily and weekly. With the j cliange of name the politics ia alïo changed, leaving the Democracy of Lenawee without an organ. The Watchtowtr was one of the oldest eatablisbed papers in the State, and has always been Democratie, and we shall miss it from our table. lts auccessor we have not yet seen. - Cykus Peadodt bas sold bis interest i the Pontiac Jacktonian to Hon. Henry M Look, and the paper will be continued bj SoLta & Look, tbe latter taking the editoria chair. Mr. Look ranks high both as a speak er and writer, and we Wek-ome him to th frateroity BST" The religious services that havo been held at the Court House, on tbe Sunday of the last month, by Rev. C H. Brigham one of the officers of the American ünitariai Association, will be continued for the present on Sunday afternoons, at 3, and on Sunday evenings at 7 o'clock. On next Sunday evening, the flrst lectuve of a series will be given, in illustration and explanation of the position and doctrines o the Unitarian body. Ü53T Visitors to the County Fair uext week - and thef sbould be legión - will find our merchants, especially thoso who advertiso ia the Akgus, with large stocks on hand, and gentlemanly clerks in attendance to wait on customors. t" Messrs. Buss & Hill have fitted up their store in a modern and legant style, and have fllled shelves and cases with the largest and choicest stock of Clocks, Watch08, Silver-Ware, Jewelry, &c, ever displayed ir. our city. See advertisenieut, and give theiu a cali. JESE" The Rev. 8. White, late of Provulence, R. I., the new pastor of tlie M. E. Church of this city, is expected to preach on Sabbath nexl, forenoon and evenin ._._ jL3ST The Cowmissióner of Pensions has appointed Dr. W F. Breaket, of this city, local examining Surgeon. The weather lias been mngnificent during the week, and farmers are progres'sing finely with their JFall work. S3T The October nuin':er of the Atlantic Monthly has the follovving amoug other articles : Saints who have had Bodies, No Time like the Old Time, Coupon Bonds, Needle and Garden - X., John Jordán, Dr. Johns- IX., Down the River, and Abraham Lincoln. The seriáis grow in interest. 4 a year ; two copies. $7. Address Messrs. Ticknoe & Fields, Boston. - From the same flrm we have Our Young Folk for October, full of ctories ar.d essays that go right home to the sympathie and nnderstanding of the boys and girls, and which, if we mistake not, will also interest the older members of the family. Our little ones inquire for it each time we go to the h use for days before it comes. $2 a year ; with the Atlantic, $5. X-3E" The August number of Blackicood's Edinburgh Magazine has the following papers: Sir Bbook Fossbkookk, Josiah Wedgwood, Hands and Hearts, Miss Marjoribanks, Cornelius O'Dowd upou Men and Wonien, and olher thiugs in general, Piccadilly, The London Art Season, Cleopatia, The Late Elections. $4 a year ; with the four Review re-printed by the same firni, $15. Address Messrs. L. Scott & Oo., 36 Walker Street, New York. IEP" The October number of the Eclectic Magazine has eighteen articles selected with good judgment from the leading monthlies and quarterlies of Great Britain i nd, besides, a very readable table of poetry, miscellany, &c. The embellishment of the number is a very fine steel portrait of A. A. Low, Esq., President of the New York Chainber of Commerce. $5 a year. Address W. H. Bidwkll, 5 Beekman Street, N. Y. I5P The October number of Godey's Lady' Book is full of seasonable things and good things in its various departments. - Godey is a sort of household necessity to the ladies. $3 a year ; two copies, $5. f0. Address L. A. Godey, Philadelphia. jL3L TQ0 October number of Hours at Home has a large list of articles both readable and instructive. This number completes the first volume. $3 a year. Address Chas. Scribneb & Co., 124 Grand Street, N. Y.


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