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Population Of The World

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populatioG of the world is estunated by M. Dietoriel, tbc statistioal authority of Europe, as 1,300,000,000, of whoin 25 per cent. are Christians, half of these, 162,500,000, beirig Roman Catholica.- Notwithstanding tbia, the number of commuiiicants in 1864 bas been ascer taiued by counting the wafera consumed on Easter day to be but 30,000,000. E5P Tbe following is the olause of the new South Carolina Constitution as adopted by the Convention, by a vote of 98 to 8 : " Tbe slaves in öouth Carolina having baving been de faclo emancipated by the aetion of the Uuited Stiltes, neither slavery nor involuntary servitudc.except ns punishineut for crime, whereof tbe party shall have been duly oonvicted, sball ever be reestablished in this State. 1 ■■ '■ - The Tuscurnbia Alabamian very Beriously advises líndowners to sell tbeir surplus land instead of renting it out] Tbat will be much the better p!an for all parlies, and it wül fill lbo State with people. A Richinoud paper records the desperate threat of a man there who duelarvd he would have uioney - if Le Lud to work for it. The leaders in the Feninn demonstratioo at IBluck Rook, near Dundalk, have beeu coniinitted for trial at assizer, without privilege of buil. The prosecution was instit uted by orders from the authorities ut Dublin Oastle. A 8iuall freelrold estáte of ahout two hundred and forty four acres, in the parish of Morton, Surrey, and about 10 milos from London, was lately sold ior the oxtraord'iL'ary higli prico of L(0,000, being at the rute of nearly L250 per acre. The Philadelphia papers annonnce the doath of Hon W. J. Duane, aged 85 years. He was Secietary of Uve Tieasury uuder Jaokson, and resigned his office rnther than consent to tho removal of tho deposita from the United States Bank. According to the new navy regulation, neither Ensigns, Masters, nor Lieutenauts will bd promoted to tho next highor grades. unle.'S they can speük the French and Spauish langua ges with some degree of fluency. Tho cattlo pingue, in spite of wbatever prccautionary moasures have been taken, is still spreiding among tho cow byers of Edinburgl), and appears at last to have established itself n every quartor of the city. jL3L" " Now, girlo," said Mrs. Par ÜDgton the other day to her nieces ; " you must get husbands as soon as possible or they'll be murdered." "Why so, aunt ?" ' Why, I see by the paper that we've got almost fifteen thousand post-offices, and nearly all on 'ern dispateh a mail every ;day. The Lord have mercy on us poor widows." And the old lady stepped quickly to the look ing glass to put on her new cap.


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