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f MUl Potte PasseDger trains now leave Detroit and the several stations in this County as t'ollows: GOISG WEST. Mail Day Dextcr Even. Nifflit Train Ex. Ace. Ex. Ex. Detroit, 7.15a. ll.Olll-.M Ypsilanti, 8.40 " 11 55 ' 6.12 " 6.50 " 12.55A.M Ann Arbor, 9.05 " 12.15 l'M6 35 '' 7.10 " 1.00 " Dexter, 9.35" 12.40 " 7.00" 7.35 ' Chelsea, 9.55 " 12.55 7.50" GO1NO EAST. Even. Hestor Night Day Mail El. Ace. Ex. Ex. Train. Chaise, 7.3ÜA.K3-3C I'.mS.OOp.m Dexter, - 6,05 .i.m 7.55 " R.45 " 5.S0 " Aiid Arbnr, 4,25 A.M 0.86 " 820 " 4.05 ' 5.50 " Ypsilanti, 4.50 " 7 00 ' 8.40 " 4.25 " 6.12 ' Detroit, 6.10" 8.25 " 10 OU " 6.45 "7.45 ■ Tlie Mail Train rmis to and f rom Marshall. ÜT" Nothing can be more wonderful than the operation of the Red Jacket Bittere in obstinate cases of cistiveness , for it is a mild and genial cathartic, as well as a tonie and coreetive. rpHE BITTER FRU1TS of BAD BITTERS. Inralid reader, do ymi know wliat nine-tenths of he Bitter componnds yon are solicitad by the proprieorg to accept as universal panaceas are roroposed of? live heed for a moment. They are naanufactjred from npurifird alcohol , contaming a considerable portim f funel oil, a poison ulraost as deadly au prussic acid: lhe basis of h? regular tinctures of the Materia edica is the same. No armnint of "herbal extractr," in overeóme the bad tendency of tlii.s pernicious element. The Essence nf sound Rye, thoroughly rectifiod s the only stimultnt whieh can be safely uned asa nmponent of a Tonic, alterativp, and anti-bilioits medicine, and HOSTKTTER'S STOMACH BITTERS is je only medicina! preparation ín the world in vhich ïiR article is used as an ingrediënt. Henee the extra■tfinary effectfi of thie great specific. It gives utrength ithout ]iroducing excitenicni . No other Tonic does lía. All the ordinary Bittere flash the face and affect ie brain. HoSTETTRií'á Bittbrs diffuse an agreeable alm through the nervous .ystem, promote ilieation, nd produce sleep. No othor tonic so (uíckly revives ie exhausted physic il enevgies, restores the apetite, ud removes the gloom iin-1 deprension which nlways ccompnnies woakness of tl e bodiiy power-. "ARÜMPl'OX'S StrawtoeiTy .Knisnin, A CKKTAIX REMKHY FOR D1ARRHCEA, DYSENTERY, miera lorbus, Flux, Hear Burn, and all Rowel üomplaints, Kntirely vegetable. A Bj.ecífic forCainp Harrhnea. OSBOKXE k HOVE,Prop'rs, Buchanan, Mich. Burnham.s & YnnPelmack, Chicago and Fanand, iwïïy &Co., Detroit, Wholesale Apents. 3uilO2O A GARD TO INVALIDO. A Clergyman, whïlo residing in Soutb America as nnVsionary , discevcred a safe and simple remedyfor ie Cure of Nervous Weakneris, Early Eecay, Diseases the Urinary anl Peminal Organs, and the whole rain of disorders brought on by baneful and vicious ïabits. Great numbers hav been already cured by lis noble remody, Prompted by adfire to benefit the ïlicted and unfortunate, I will sond the recijie tor ireparing and nsing this medicine, in a sealed envelpe, to any one who ueed it, Free of Charge. I'lease Incloo a postpaid enveli pe, adt.resaed to ourself. JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, Biüi.k House, 6m02h New Yorl; City. VVlIISKIMtS ! YVH1LKER8! Do y ou. want Whiski-rs or Moustnchf s? OurGrecian Üom-poncd wiii fbrce them to rroWon tlic smoothest aeeoïchfn, or hair on bald heads, iu Six Weeks.- 'rice, SI. 00. Sent by mail anywhere, closely senled, n reoefpt of price. Addrees, 'WARNKK & CO., Box 3, Brookln, N. Y. Iy99&. TUK BRIDAL ( ÏIV.HIÏKH, in Essay of Varning and Instruction for Young Men- publislud y tlie IToward Atisociation, and saiitCv e of charge in aUidenvelopes. A-ldrcsn, Dr. ,1. SKII.UN HOU0ÏIO'S, iloward Association, 1 hiladelphia, Pa. Iy99ö ÖÖTROf 1Ñ" SHËË F can be thoroughly cure! by using WHITTEMORE'S CURE -TOB. FOOT I?OT IN SHEEP! Jt is jus what it is represeuled to be, A PERFECT CURE. uk for WhJttomore's Curo, and take no othor. The following Cerlificate is a sample of the testiïontal.s conntantly being received : Pa-TLAXD, Vt.t Julj 14th, 1S65. WHÏTTEMOHR.Esq., 1kar gis : Having t ried your Cure for Foot Rot in hoep, I would nay for the benefit oí Sheëp Raistrs iat 'bey should lose no time n procurin'í a bottle, as it oert&ialy will cure the Foot Rot tú IHa time and witli ïftss trouble than any pieparation of Blue Vítnol or auvthiug else I havo ever used. "Yours, truly, J,EKDS BÏLUHQ. f. W. WlNTTEMORETole Propritítor, rhatham 4 corners, ColumbiaCo., N. Y. FO" &A1E in Ano Arbor by KBE1ÏBACU & CO., Sane Agents. 3tnlO26. HPHE MA.S0N & HAMLIN CABINET ' i ORGANS, j Forty rtifíVrcnt stylps, adaptetl to sacrod and secular roiisie, foríSO to $600 eaoli. TH1RTY-FIVE GOI.I) or SIljVKR MKIJAI.S, or other first premiums awarded thera. lllustratedt:ta.lo(cues íree. Adil res, MASÓN M HAMLIN, Bunio, or MASÓN KHOTHKKS, NBW Ton. I.vlOïö


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