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Destructive Fire

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Tho Michigan Central Ruilroad fieight depot, at Detroit, was enfcirely destroyed by firo on Wednesday evening, with a large shars of ifcs eontents. Tlie fire is stipposed to havo qriginated from tho gases from a brokcn barrel of na-ptha, benzine or varnish coming in c-ontact witli a ligbt in the hands of i workman. The wind w3 blowing sfiving, and it vna only by the superhu; man exettion3 of the firemen tbat tho ■ passenger depot, round house, oar hoiue ; tito., were savod, and the firo provented spreading across Third Street, lmmetmé ipiantities of freight were in the ; building and pilcd upon the wbiif ad joining, eofisisting oí flour, vvheafc, wool, . produce and inetchandize of all kinds, i butlittle of which could be naived. - Tho loes is estimated at full L1,500,000, besidos wb!cb the railroad company must suffer iminensely from the inter! f'erunco wil h its heavy freicbtiiig business, and from beitkg unabfe to rbuild befiiro winter wili set in. We fear that some of our merchants and busiuess meo raay have lost largely on freight in transit un;nsured. C Our. readers wili remember tbe announcement some weeks ago, ihat Capt John P. Waiíd, of the eteamer Ileimleer, plying between Dolroit and the ports above on the river, Lake Hnron, etc ,had been arrested on Ihe charge oí' haviog commi.tted a rape upon the porson of Ida Farman, a female passenger. The facts as given to the pubüo, were, thnt at Lexingtan, in tho evening, Ida Fahman, aged uuder 14 years, daughter of a vvidow woman respectably eonnected, and a companion about tl e same age, went ör board the Rein deer to come down to Detroit to attend school. Capt. Ward, forgetting bis position as guardián nn,d protector of bis passengers, and even híí manhood, gavo the girls a wine 6upper, took Ida from tho cabio for a stroll upon deck, and tbere, by force, as the girl alleges,, gratified bil hist?. The girl e8c;ped from the boat, returned to her mother's house, and esposad immediately the outrago conimitttd upon her. Gapt. Ward was irnmediately arrested. r.nd report says that though he denied the rape, he admitted intercourne with the girl, and-chargod her with being the seducèr. A girl of 14 peducing a huaband and f;ither,a man iuitiated in all the ".v.iys of tho world. Thïs our readers ean believo if they please. We don't And novv comes another .cene in tbe tragody. On Friday last, Capt. Ward was having his examination at ieïington. About 9 o'clock in the evening, the Court having adjournod until morning. a young brothcr of the violated girl, aged about 15 years, foliowed Capt. Waiid from the Gourt room into the streot, carae up with him at the distanco of about one hundred yards, dro'.v a revolver, and shot him in the back, bringing bim to the ground. He fired two more thotn. olü ontering tho lungs, and the other máking a flesh wound, and then ruturned to the Court room and surrendered bimself to the officers. Capt. Ward was brought down to Detroit, arriving on Saturday night, and was foliowed from the Loat to his house by his fa '.her, inother, wife and other iriends. He is yet alive, but in a critical condition. Wu are neither abottt to comtnend or concierna youog Fakman. Had he shot Ward on the first acnouneumont of the crime, we should have suid amrn ; but haviog waited until a legal exarni natioawasin progress, Lo sbould have waited ita end, and then, if money was hkely to secure imniuuity from sligbt and inadequate punifhment the laws mete out, who would have eornplained of his tiiking judgment intp bis own hands'? It is certain that the laws provide no such punishment as is deserved by the demon who would cominit a rape, ov even by tbe oily arid slimy seducer of youug girls. Aud il' the !aws wül not punish such crimes- the wort in the catalogue - the father and brother wili take veDgeance iuto their own hands, and that once underatood rape and seduclion may become loss freqiieut than now. We confesa that our pympathieH are with young Fauman. {3f Gen. Rohrkt E. Leb t-ubscribed tha prescribed aniuesty oath, on the 2d instant. Tliis outh qot only lunds him to support the constitution of the United States, but "uil laws and proclarnatious whioh have been made during the e: isting rebellion with refereuco to the emancJpation of elnves " %ï3r !Yfe? Presidgnit lias ordered all (he colorod troop.s to be mnstered out of service. This decisión wiïl dispntisfy the radicáis who wish the colored soldiei's retained in service, and the white ones iliseharged, but it nill go a long w:iy towards prony)ting hirinony and good feeling thwughout tho South. The Snpervisors havo monopolizad both our tirau aud ppaeo. CSC Seerutary McCuli.ocii delivred an address ut Fort Wayne, a few days since, in whioh he took occasion tq speak nf tb'i President and hie ro construcHon poliey, and tó endorse both. Spyakiuij of t he President, h! fuii] : " Jcalou of Slat-e rights, he is equally "jealnus of thu rights of the general " goverumeut. A radical and iincom '' pronming enemy of Dulliöeation, se" cession, and every. forra of disloyalty, ho " is euually an snerny to any mensures " vvliich, i.ii his jiidgmeut, are oalculatect " by cli'priving the Stateg of tlieir just '- rights utider the Oonstitution, to con, " vort the federal yovernment into ades" potiam." This, and rpuoh morera the samo vein, thé raidiculs m:iy medítate upo;i with proiit. In the sume npoeeh tho Socretary takes prround ui favor of ïeduckig the curroney to a specie banis. lïo seeius ele ir as to th.e evüa gtowing out of the present expansión of tho eurrency, Imt wo fear will find it difficult to lead tho goverr.ment in the 8afa vvay. The sppou lators dow have the insido track, and they favor expansión and high ppices. 3 f ome time fest week, the Drtroit Advertí ser and Trihune gare an. artklo enuniorfttirig the various papara of th e Siate, and defiuiug their rank aud poiition - as geen from the wrilcr's ftaniipoint. The irticlo spoke of the State News as tho " leading Repnblican paper" of this county, and of the Couricr ns a neutral or independent Journal, without assigning t acy special merit. 'J'hi failure to recoguize the ''■Courier man " was not to lbo endured, ard hu foithwith posted off to D-.'írcút - eo report sa}'s - to convince the Adrertiser avrf Tribune fhat he was "soine pumpkins '' - at 1 a-H in his own eslimution - that the Courier was the República organ, pnr excellent, an] that the Ntwt was of no aoooant, wh itever. We presumo the Trihune vvtiter ill hasten to apologize, and if not, we would prescribe an " all healing piaster" for oar neighborV ïfouuded egotii'm.


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