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Katie Lee And Willie Grey

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Two browii heads wiih tossing curls, Eed lips shutting over pearls. Bare feet white and wet wiih dew, Two eyes black and two eyes blue ; Little boy and girl werp they - Katie Lee and Willie Grey They were standing where a brook, Bending like a shepherd's cook, Flashed its silver ; and thiok ranka Of green willows fringpd the banks, Haíf in thouslit. and half in play, Katie Lee and Willie Grey. They had cheeks like cherrtes refi, He was taller - most a head; She, with arms like wreaths of snow, Swnng a basket to and fro, As she loitered. half in play, Chattering to Willie Grey. ' " Pretty Kalie," Willie said, A nd there carne a dash oí. red Through the brownness of his cheek, " Boys are -etrong and girls are eafc, And Iil carry, so I will, Katie's basket up the hill." Katie inswered in a laugh, "You shall carry only half; " And then. tossing back her curia, " Boys are weak as well as girls." Do yo-'i thir.k that Katie guessed Half the wisdom she expressed ï Men are only boys grown talï, Hearts don't change mnch after all. And when, long years from day to day, Katie Lee and Willie Grey Slood again beside the brook, Bending like a sbepherd's crook - Et is strange that Willie said, "rt liile again a dash of red Crossed the brownness of his cheek - ' I ani strong bnt you are weak, Life is bnt a slipjVry steep,' Hung wiih shadows cold and d?;E ! Will you trust me, Katie dear 1 Walk beside me without fear H May I carry, if I will, All your burdens up the hill V' And sheaniwered, with laiigh, "No - but you may carry half." Close beside the little brook, Bending like a shepherd's crook., Washing with its silver hands, Late and early at the sands, Is a cottage, where to-day Katie lives with Willie Grey. In the porch she sits, and lo ! Swings a basket to and fro., Vastly different from tho one That she sw'.ing in yers agone - This is long, and deep, and wide. And has - rockers at its sóde !


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