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Steam Engines On The Western Plains

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The discoverv of coal in considerable quantitiea in the rugged hills and mountains of Colorado, near Denver, is likely to work quito a revolution ia transpoitation aerosa the western plains. Already a company has been formed at New York and Boston, with a capital stock of $0,000,000, for the purpose of placing steam traotion engiues upon the roads between the Missouri rivera and the Bocky Mountain?, a distance Óf sorne 650 miles. An engine of thirty-two tons weight is being built, and will be put in use this full, assoou as it and the neoessary wagons can be eompleted. The route from Nebraska city to Denver aas been surveyed this summer, and is found to ba admirably adapted to the use of traction engiues, which have been used very eueeessfully iü other oountries. The freight business across the plains is enormous, the estímate for the present season being'200,000,000 pounds. The introduction of these enginea will enab'e trains to cross tüe plains in six days, while the mule and ca t tl e trains oueupy from six to ten times as long. The preseut charges for fwtgíít, fifteen cents por pound, will, ot course be uiaterially reduced, and the reduetion of the charges will greatly inerease the business, which, wilh the Territories of Montana, Idabo, New Mexico, Colorado, and Western Nebraska, may woll be eonsidered as unlimited. The ma:n part oi the freighting, altnost the whole of it, indeed, is restward, and on the return trips the trains can briog back coal to the different stations along the route. The enterprise eertainly seeins feasible, and prouiises uceess. If successful, it will aid most materialiy in the developinent of our Northwestern Torritories, and so will deserve and receive the warmeet enouragement. Col. McLean, the delégate to Congress from Montano, isa firm Democrat. Since January there hns been 14,717,920 gallons of petroleum exportcd. The elergymen in Philadelphia have taken to playing base ball, for exercise. The New York Tribune says, with a sigb, thatthe Republican majorities have been greatly reduced in the recent elections. Tho New York Independent, in tvvo and a half columna of doublé leaded editorial declares war upon the President. Governor Fenton, of New York, has dismissed the charges ui corruption against the New York city officials. Tho Halifax papers report a negro insurrection in the eastern part of Jamaica. H. M. stertiner Duncnn, with the 17th Regiment, and a field battery of the Royal Artillery, leaves for Jamaica soon. A wise old gentleman, who knew all about it, on retiring from business gave the following sage advico to his son and gucce.-sor: " Coai'tion sense, my son, is valuable in all kinds of business - exoept love muking." James Nisbet, editor of the San Francisco Bulletin, who wrote his will on board of a sinking ship, aud then carefully placed it in his pocket, whero it was found upon the recovery of his body, was a plucky typo. In Texas, beef is selling at five cents per pound, and horses and muien from fifteen to thirty dollars each. The country is absulutely alive with stock, and the entire market of the United States might be supplied without apparent decrease The following State officers, besides Gov. Hutnphreys, have been elected in Mississippi : Swan, Auditor ; Echols, Treasurer; Braugher, Secretary of State ; Hooker, Attoruoy General , West, Peyton, Reynolds, and Hairison to Congress. A Boston paper says that the demnnd for goods ranch bevond the ability of the manufacturera to supply, that one of tho largest calicó printing milis in New England is importiug ils printing cloths from Eugland, while there are other manufücturers in Massachusettb who aro importing very largely of brown sheetings, which they have stamped with their own trade mark in Manchester. EP Gen. Grant has orderod that the orgamzation and armamont of the mounted bntteries will in futuro consiat of' 74 privatcs, 73 offijers, 56 sabre?, the dri vers not being armed, and eight revolvers for chiefs of pieoes and caissons. - One of the two authorized mounted batterie; oi caeh regular artillery regiment will huve four Napoleon guns, and the olher four three-inch rifled Rodmnr guns. The Regimental Commander wil! desígnate to whioh battery each arma ment ehall be aísigued.


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