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Make Farm Life Attractive

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1. By less liard work. Farmers often undurtake more than they can do well, and ennseqiieutly work too early wá to lae. -. 2. By more system. The farmers nhould Imvo y, tinte to begin and' top labor. They should put more tmnd aud machinery into their work, they whouid thi-(u:zLo is well is praetice, and let Both go togelher. Fuiming is healthy, moral and re&peotable and, in the long run, nvxy be made profitable. Th farmer hould keep good stock. anJ out of debt. The funn ia the best plauo to begin and eul lifü, and heuce so many in thecitiea and prot'essioou] tifo cauet a. riu:al home. 3. Uy' takiug caro of hea'ah. Farmers have a healthy variety of exeroise, but too often neglect cleariliuess, oinit bithintf, eat irregularly and hurriediv, l4op in iil-ventilatod opartments, aud. exposé themselves to cold. Nine-teuths of the human disoases arise from cold and niemperanoe. Frequent batlung i profitable, so is fresh air, deiiberatioa at th dinner table and rest ahor a meal, 4. By udorniog the homo. Nothing ia lost by a pleasaut home. Hooka, paper, pictures, musió aud reuding ahould kil be brojght to buar upou tüe ii-ctuor I f -nvlv fintnr!!iini(jiits ; uk i m atm-.-is n d ;-:.; libbery, ii wrs Blijd ■ ' h urinoir ze a il wit bout. - ! Home SiWd iïd t)e i síinci'üiVry so hul}' ; nnd happy that eliildreu vviil live il, wo■ uiTi f ï .. I ._; 1 1 1 in it) i-ianhoml crovo ïtfanu oíd a.'íí.' i'njny it Therc wouid bo les ■JtS'i'ti us o( boiuesteadti f pain-: wore taken t in i ko tliem sgrecahle. K:iso, order, hö and beauty are compatible wit.1) fann life, ai)d wero ordained to so with it -


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