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How To Make Buckwheat Cakes

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1 he seasüi) for buckwheat cakes has arrivcd. A vrriter in tho Aiüerican Agricuh.urut reeommends the followihg method for making cakes : " The fioet tecderest cakes can be made by íiddinj; a little unboiled vvheat (or Graham) ííouilo the buckwheat. Less than a quarter will do. Mix with. cok! sour uiilk, or Fresli (not sweet) biíttermilk, whieh is best. The soda (eutplyings uro dispensed witb), wlioii put in cold batler, will no' act satisfautorily. Bake at (ice. - The hoat will start the effervesee-ioe, aud as thu paste risew it will bake, thus preveiitina it from fallin j. Hcüí; the oulmiuated point of lightness isat'ained. The b.ittur rises snowj and bo.uiiíul, and the pancake will gwell 'o.iKndst undue dimensions, ubsolutely the ügbtcs' and tenderest thufc can be ,baked, with not a touch of acid. More salt, however, must be adijed than usual, lo couÉtéráot the tóu frü.h taste when soda alone is used. Thus the bothor of cinpf, ins is all dispeused with. Pancakos in "tliis vvay can be bakod at iny lime, an'd ofi tho shortest notlué. We keep our ñour tnixed, tlie Gritham with the buokwheat, reudy for usu " lirigbam Young has liad a ne'.v ' revelation." He saya it i& " ibo will of God ihat t'r.o eiSfera should iHitíe iheir own bonnets nnd liats Cor ihcmsnlves and their laniilies, from straw and other níatarials raisod m the Utah Mouutains." Maj. Gen. Judson Kilpatriok, of N. J., bus betsn appointed Minister to Chili, Biid Col Edwin F. (Jook, of tho same Stale, títíCi'utary oí' Jjegatiuu.


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