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EdP Gen. BuTuut, baving jast been relieved froiu bis wduous military labors, propoiwa - ?ays the telegraph - to wrlte the biogriipby of Gen. GRAisifrom befors he entered West Po'mt to date. As it is the faehion of biographora to quoto the writiügs of tbair Bubjectfl, we trust that Bütlkr will uit omit from Gen. Gkant's ato report - tbe paragrapb whicb " eorks " the late G-eneral Butler in a bnttle, and stnd3 hioi to Fort Fi.'hor to wiúios, tbo powder boat explode, r Gov. Piekpont bas a.'.dressed a letter to the Prs-.-ideist of the Senate and Speaker oL th House, inforning tlitm that tbe General ■ ' f yr. ginia hftd repealed the ot giinx aasent to tbe división of thj Uiaie aud tbe fon iftfi m cf the State of West Virginia. JC3C A s'eriouii lire oocurred at Pontiac Wedneailay, burniag up severa} stores. Loss rstimsted af 8'O.flOO. IW The ScientijSc A?ertcan, whicli for over twenty ypars has bfen the paper which Mechauics, Inventora, líanufacturers, etc., have relied upon cbiefly for iaformatiou as to all npw inventiona er , ments of raachfnery, will enter upon a new'voli me on the lst of Jannary, Each uuniber contains IS qnarto pages, niaking i I voluia annuaUy, of 416 pages each. It is a completa record of iavèiitions in overy department of Mechanica, and of progresa in the Arts and Sciences, so that the machyiist of whatever name or trado, and all wl,o ase tools, incUidlng of COU1S8 the great producing classes, will always flnd lts pags interestiag. It will also chroniclo the doius of the Patent Office. The '!ius : ■nraeroiis and excellent. $3 ajear; ten copies, $25. Now is the tirae to subscribe. Address Mvxti & Co., 37 Park Eoiv, New York. . iy Tbo November number of Blackwood't Edivburgk Magsxine bas tbe following papers : A Fernán Document, Misa Marjorlbanka- Part X., Conieüus O'Dowd upon Men and "Women and other Things in General Part XVIII , Mamoira of the Confedérate War tbr Ir.depenaence- Part III., Sir Brook Fossb ooke- Par!. VI., Frenoh P riodical Literature, Lord Palraerston. $4 a year : wich the four Revieren, $15. Adihej-s Messrs. L. Scott & Co., ?8 Walker S eet, N. Y. U3L We invito attention to the card in tbe proper column oí tt State AgncuHural College. T;:e late eatab.-ue shows the hSEtuution in a more prosperna condition than iu forrnep years, It has a competent Paeulty, fine illustiative, and offers good udu3-!i;:nts to studeuts. BtadUi Monthly a Magazine of To Dfiy, is the' name of ;i new erndidate fur popular favor which we find on our table. It s a bandsomoly printed largo octato of 100 pages, finely illustrated. and filled with readabb literarare, story, sketch, verse, &c. This nitial number aives prooiige of raore good ones t csme .f3 a year. Addresa Bkadle & Company, 118 William Street, N. Y. EF Quito a t '-■perüivoo rovmil is in progivss at Yp ilanti. Tliero is need of one hoye, judging by certain siíjns visible to both theeyes and eara oí our citizens, else whisky and lager should be used with a Httle less noise and figlit d thera. S3C" There is a gïöat soaroity of walr in the city, and numerons complaints of empty cisterna. Oiir citizens will all do well to keep guard over their files 1 A Dumber of our oitizena have gone to the Cumberland, Ky., oil regions. Tbe greasy goj lias mimerous worsliipers io tbese degenerate days. 1W E. R. Slawso.x, of the firm of Slawsojí & Son, retiirned ;i íew days since from bis European tour. Í3F Watts & Ükothkk are ready for the Holiday trade. See their advertisemen!.


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