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j-iiisjournai mms lo show liow tí maintain health by natural agencies, and by tha same meuns to restore it if lost. It is not pretentied that all diseases ara oured in thia waj j hut it is very ' tain thut quite a number of urdinary uilments niay he removed by the judiciou employmeot of the contenta of a vel!-'uiiiished larder - and with this ' great advantage - ihe curra moro ' peiiuariiiiit and lese liable to return - accomplishing their object without any ' shock to tiiu system. and without the dunger of luiling tho paiient by mistaking the quant; ty or quality órname of ihe dosa. Hipe fruits and herren, slihtly acid, will remove tho ordinary uiarrheas of early summer. ComiBon rice, parched brown liko cofiee, and then boiled aud eaten in the ordinary way, witbout at.v (ither food. i", with peifect quietude of body, 011e t,{ the mest fü'ective rc.nedies for troublesome looseue.g of bowels. Some of the severest forins of that distressiug ailment called dysentory, thst is, wliea the bowels pasa blood, with constant daire, yot vain cfior's to stool, are somo timca enéirely curad by the patiënt oating a heElpiatg tablespoonful at a time of raw beef, cut up very line, and repeatod at intcrvala of four hours, until cured, eatiiig and drinkig nothing else in the meaowhilc. If a persou swaliows any poison whatever, or has fallen into couvulsions froni having overloaded the stnmach, an instantaneou9 reuicdy, more tfficient and applicable in a larger uumber of cases than any half a doïen mediëioea we oan now tliuk óf, ia a beaping teaspoon of comrnon aalt, and as much grour.d mustard, stirred rapidly into a toiicup of water, warm or cold, and swallowed tstautly. it i3 ecarceiy down bcfore it begins to come up, bringiug with it the reiuaiuiug couteuts of' the stomach, and list tí. cru ba auy remnant of a peiaoe, however iraall, let the white of au eg or a teaoup of 8trong coffee be ewallowed as soon as the stomach is quie'. ; becauso these very comnion articles mllify a larger numberof virulent poisons tiiau any rnediciues in the shops. In case of sealdiug er burning tbe body, immersinar the part iu cold water gives entire relief, as instantant'öusly aa tho Hghtniup. Mcanwhile, pet some QOuamoD dry flour, and appiy it nn iuch or two thick ou tke injured part, tho moment t emerges froin the water, nnd keep uprinkling on tho flour thrrugh anyibing liko a pepper-bcx cover, so to put ii on evenly. Do ncthing. dse, drink nothing but wator, cat uotliing, uutil improvement cemmeucos, except soine dry bread softeued in verv wenk tea of Bomo kind. Cures of t'nghtful burnings havo been performed in this way, as wonderful as thay are painle-'8. Eryt-ipelas, a diseüse often coming without preraonition, and ending fatallv in three or iour dajp, is soiuetiruea promptly cured by upplying a poultico of raw cranberries pounded, and placed on the part ever night. Insect bites, and even that of a rattlesnako. have paased harmless by stirring euough of common sal t in the yolk of a good egg to make it sufficiently thin for a piaster, to De Kopt on ene buten parta. Neuralgia and toothache aro soinetimed sree.lily relieved by applying t tlio wri.-t a fuant:ty cf bruitud or grated horstradish. Costivo howels havo an agreeablc remedy in the free uso of tomatoes at meáis - thoir seeds acting in tho nay oí white mustard or ügs, by stimulating 'he coats of tbo bowels, over which tliey pass ia their wholo state, to increaseel action. A remedy of equal efficiency in the sama direclion, ia eracked whoat, that .3, comtiioi) wliilo wheat graits, brnken nto two or threo pieces, and then boüed until it is as soft as ï-ico, and eaten mainly at two mtals of the day, witli Duticr or molasscs. Common sweet eider, boiled dowu to onc-half, makes a most excel!ü:H eyrup 'or cougbs and colds for childron - ia ileasant to tho tnsto, and will keep throughout tbn ycar d a coo! cellar. In recovering from an ülnoss, tho sys!om has a craving for somc pleanaut icid drink. Tliis is fouud in eider whioli s placed on the fire as rcado, and ailowed to coire to a boil, tbea cooied, put iu n casks, and kept io a cnol cellar, freated thus, it remains for many mouths as good as ihe (iay it was wado We ouco saved lbo life of an infant vhich had been inatlvertently drugged with laudanum, and was fast sinki-ig into bc f-!rep wbich bas no awaking, by giving it strong coffee cicared with iho wiiitu of an e?g, a teaspconí'ul every fivo minutes uutil it ceascd to sceai drowsv.


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