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When Land Requires Underdraining

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In ïiiimerouB inataones nature has made all necessary provisión for conveying awav the surplus water at all seasoos of the year. Un the cootrary, where the subsoil is so compact that tho pores f tho turfucesoil will continuo filled with water for several d iys after a heavy tain, the evidence will bo conclusivo that a regular system of underdraining would be a valuable improveuient in the managemeDt of' that land. When cultivated üelds secm lo be a long time in becomiu Bufficiently dry to p'ough, or to be worked, H is a certain cvidence that iLe oil can uecer be cultivaed wilh satisfaotorj profit, unlil all the surplus water can be roudüy collected aud conveyed away in uuderdraits. ïhcre nced be uo apprehcnsion that any injury will ever ariso in coiisi'qiienee of making a drain where one was not needed, as no draiu eau draw away any water ('ruin the surface soil that is really rcriuired to prouioto the growth o( platlig. The soi! will retain, by oapillary attructioD, aü the rtiointure thüt the ruoU of planta riquirt?, wcro ui:derdrat)8 made ten feet apart over the entiro fieli). Whefa water will stand in depiessions so long that it drowns the soil by suturating eviry partiële so thoroughly that the parta üow toj;t:ther like tnortar, underdrains will be fouud of great advautage. - Exchangt. Twcnty-six distinctj hoeks of the recent earthijuake were feit at the Mari )GÍM Mili. The water in the Cole Tunjol rrso 13 nuhes. At Steamboat j.rings llio water was forced through he earth to a hcight of 25 feet. Shooks vere feit this forenoon and yesterday evcning. The minus were not injured v the earll.quuke.


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