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An Apothecary Bothered

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The Engliah actor Macready wroto a very ïllegiblo hand, espocially in Lis orders of admission to the theater. At New Orleac3 on incident happened whicli recalla tljo note of dismis-sal written by Horace Grecley to ono of tho Tribune compositora, and whicb said compositur used as a recommeudatiou. and on the stri'Dgth of it got a good situation in auother cffice ! Uuc day Mr. l'rougliam obtaiued from Macrcady an order of admission for n frieod. ün handing it to the gentleman tho latter observed that, if ho haci not kr.own what it purported to be, he never VÖuld have suspected vrhat it was. "It looks more liko a pri ccriptiou than anything elee," he added. "So it does," said Mr. Brougham ; "let us go and have it made up." Turning iuto tha noarest drug-store, the paper was hauded to the clork, who gave it a careless glauco aud thcn proeeeded to get a vial ready and pull out divers boxof. With another look at the order, down carne a tincturc bottle, aud tho vial was filled. Tlien thére was a pause. ïhe gentleicuuly attendaut was evidently puzxled. At last lio broke down complctely, and rang for Lis principal, an clderly and severe looking individual, who presently emerged froin his inner sanctum. The two whispered together an instant, wheo the old ditpenser looked at tbo document, and with an uir of pity for the ignoranee of his snburuinate, bo'.dly fi!led up the vial wilh soine apocryphal fluid, and duly corked and labeled it. 'I'hen hnnding it to the gentlemen who were waitiog, he Sttid : "A cough mixture, and a very good ouc. Fifty ceuts, if jou pitase."


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