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Heroism In Economy

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-Miss Muloch tclls us ihat it talces a heroinc to bo ecooomicul ; for will uot many a woman rather run in debt for a bonnet thau wear her oíd oae a year Inbind' t mode ï- give a ball and stint tlie family dinner for a month after ?- tako a larga houso and furnish handsome receptiou room?, wbilo her bousehold huddie togetber anybow ? She prefors this a hundred times to standing plaiuly, by word er mauner, " My iucome is sq much a year. I (lont care wbo knovra it. It will not allow me lo live beyond a certain rate ; it will not keep confortable both my family and aoquaintao5cs. Therefore, cseuso my preferring tba comfort of my family to tbc entertainment of my acquaiutanecs. And, society, if you choo&e to look in upou us, you must just take us as we are, witbout auy preteuees of any kind ; or you may sbu( the door and say good-by 1" All tlie stories told of Siamesa twins hardly cqur.l tïia of the tícotcü doublu man, ot who-.u tho followiug account in given by tho Rerum Scotianm Historia : "During tho reign of James III., of Scotlánd, and at bfs court, there lived ;i man doublc above tho waist, and singlu below that región. Tho Kkïg caused himtobe cnrefully brougbt up. Ho rapidly acquired a knowledge of raibic ; the two hcad8 Icarncd soveral languiitr" ; they dcbated loge! her, and lbo two upper halves occaiïönally fouglit. They lived generally, however, in the ?reatei harraoDj. Wl'.cn tho lowcr part of tho body was tickled, the two individuoh feit t together ; but vrhcn, on tho othcr hand, one of the upper indiridnüli was touehed, h'ë atone fclfttè effect Tlua moustrous bebg died at tho agouf twenht ycars. One of tbe bodies died teveral d:iys before tho otber." A [ealoüs husbaud in Mcmphis broko bis wifs noso, beoauso hc thought lier beauty áttraoted too inuch rütcution. A iittle boy of Provincetown, Mnss., four ycars olil, vciy ansious for a drum, the eveniiig pr tmas eve, ou goiDg to bed, maclo the following prayer : " Now I lny me down to fleep, want a (hum, ' I pray tho Lord,' Itctmt a drum, 1 my oul to keep, 1 want a drum, And if I sliould dio bcforo I wake,' I icant a drumP lLïs prayer was answeroii.


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