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A Petition Having Been Presented To

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US in favor of tlie abolition of the franking privilege, vo first thouglit to refuse our siguature, thinking that perhaps fifty years henee we might be an unfortunate íucmber oL Congrcas and wish to send our shirts home to be washed, but reiuembering that Bjbn. Botlsr had juat inflicted ooeof his speeches upon us - a epeech. which would probably never have been made or printed, but for the franking privilege - our nam went down. On the test question of substituting the Binciham immediate-admission bill, unrestricted by haroperiug conditions and lest oaths, for tbo committoe's bill with its oaths and sliackles, Messrs. 15i.ah'. nnd Ferry, of the Michigan cielegation, voted yea, and Messrs. Beaman, Conqkr, and Stoügiiton, no. Mr. Strickland's narno does not appcar in tbe list. - In the Senatc, on Monday, by a vote of 25 to 23, the Binquam bill whioh jasscd the House on Friday, was substiuted for the pending Senate bill. Mr. 3owari voted no, of coursc ; Mr. üiiandlbr was absent, or he would, alo, have brayed out a like no. A London dispatch of the lSth f ays : Letters from Romo state that the American bishops object to the declaraion of the dogma of infallibility," not ecaufo they disbelieve in the dogma, nat " oo tha gi-ound that i wil! tend to :eokprosel-ti8m among FioslcDstantB," Pktroit bas a Manufacturera' Association, wliich Association is just now engaged iu nstructing Congross. At a recunt meeting one Mosfis W. Field is reported as ba ving oö'ered a series of resolutions declariog "greenbaeks tlio only true, proper, aud safe currency, ar.d that more greeübacká sbould be issued to pivy Uier interest of tlio publio debt aud other ppeciik'diudebtedness," whioh wero ndoptcd, and ou motiou of the same Field ordercd geut to Congress. Thcn Fielu offered another reolitton, donouiicing Commissioner Wells as a freu trador, dumundiug bis removal and t!ie appoiotment of t:iat relict of a dark age, Hknuy C. Caiiy, as Lis successor, whioh was also, adopted, and on suid Field's motion ordcred sent to tlie President, ïho President, E. 13. Waud, of wliora some of our readers have hcard, pronounced it next to "treason" in to recouiiiiend a reduction of the duty on pig-iro. We belicvo that Wars is engaged in that branch of the pork traile, and' os liis income don't excced 100,0O0a ycar, il woald be cruel to cut it down any by permitting the farmers, jnccliatiiof, builders, etc , whose poekets are gsrged with greenbaeks, to bny cheaper ron thaqi he ia willing to raake. It is "treasou" to 8iiggest that tbs consumera sbould not bo taxed to put "money in Lis purso." Wo hope thut Fiklü, W.VRD-& Co. will keep on resolving and speaking, and that they will not say theirsay in private. - What a pity this "great aud gelo rious governiüent"' couldn't te made a mere tender to Field, Waud & Co. and other manufacturera ! It is almos that now - but "whole hog or nothing' is the tvord. The Chicago 2'ime has tho follovrmg : "Tho Legislatura of Ohio has repealed tjie act of the preceding Legislature, whioh repealed the act of its legHativo pred0880r ratifying tho proposud Fifteenth amendment." In which the Times erra. Th last Legislalure of Ohjo regoaled the ijatifjeation of the I JSITth a-mendmcnt and not the XVth. It received for consideration and action the XVth amendment, and rejeoted it. - The rcpcal places Ohio on par with New York. If tho Kadicals in Congress recoguize the right of Ohio to rspeul, can it deny the right of New York to do tho same ? It will avail nothing to say that the latter ratified and the former rejected. If aotion ia final in ono case it must bc in the other. Woih the Virginia bilí was pending in the Sonate some days ago, an overzcalou3 lladical membor, vvishing to gaard .agaiost backslidiug eilher from graue or R-idiual domiuatioa, seriously proposed an amendmeut prohibiliug her Legislatura even attcmpting to rescind tho ratjficatiou of the XlVth and XVth irnenduieats, etc, ou pain of being kicked out of the Uuiou. Senator TiiurMAN, of Ohio, exposïd the absurdity of the propositjoi}., by moving that New York, New Jersey, nnd Ohio beexpelled for dari,ng to withdraw their as3ent to the ratification, the forraer of the XVth. and t'ao Jatter two of the XlVth amendment. The foolish and iusaue strike of the tfilegruph operators has ended, the Proteetivo League has come to grief, and the strikers who can get their old situations have gone back to woik, wiser if not richer men. It is about time that Leagues and Uniona tbrovv up their absurd claims. Any number of mechanijs haTö an uudoubted right to organize into a society for mutua! aid, and to ñx prices and salaries for their Libo;, but they have no right to say that euiployers shall not pay less, that operatives who see fit shall not work for less, or to d iota te the number of apprentices, or the number of hours milis, factories and shops shall bc run, etc. Capital has yet somo rights and should at least bc heard. - Off the same piece is the demnnd now being made upon Gongress and Legislatures to declare eight houra a days' work, and to compcl the payment of the same wases as for ten hours' work. It is allowing ono party to díctate terrns and close the bargain, aud in plain terms is the robbery of the other party. The less the law regulates suc'a details the better, exeept to iosure employés of all kinds prompt payment of wages for services mutuiilly agreed upou with their enjployers. A late cabio dispatcli credits the London Times with thinking that "the presenco of tho French troops may cncourago the Pope to insist on infallibili ty, notwithstnndjng the reluctance of the Council." The Popo has evidently, if the Times thinks correelly, lefirned n les son from the lladieal üongress, whicb, holding itself infallible, orders unwilling States to ratify or register its decrees, and uses the troops to enforco obedience. Military Governors and military rulo or the XlVth and XVth amendments, to whieh must be added the eloction of fullblooded carpet-bag radical Legiskturcs. Tim Senate, on Monday, confirmed Hob. II. II. Emmons, of Detroit, nominatcd to be Judge of the Sixth Circuit, vt'ce Witiiky, declined. Mr. Kmmons is a much abler lawycr than Witttey, but bas not had the latter's judicial experi ence. - Tho successor to Judge Wilkins of the Eastern Dis'rictof Michignn, lias not )'ot beea named. Tho caudidates aro legión. The thoroughly ' disloil" Washington correspondent of the Cincinnati Commercial, says "the Senatorial average is scarce above that of a city cou.noijs exoept in tho unrivaled splendou ei it capacity for plindr." O, tho vïrotch ! let hiro bc seat to the Dry. Tortuga or Alassa. t expeotsd that tho next census wiii show foriy miHiou inhabitants u tbc Uuited States.


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