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Prince Pierre's Prison

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-Princ Pierre, the murderer of V ietor Noir, i imprisoned in one of tbose towers on the Seine, called originally, I meao in St Louis's day, Caisar's Tovver, but knovvi Bioce 157-1 as Montgomcry' ïcwer, be cause iu it was ïniprisoned the Count d( Montgoniery, who accidcntally killet Henry II. in a tournament o 1559 aud who was beheaded by Catharine de Medeeis ou Place du Greve, for having borne ariijB against Fiauce. These towers have lost something of their anticue gloom since they havo been fitted up for modern prisoners of rank and for the lodgings of tho head oflicerg of the irison. Ouvrard, the famous financier, ras for four years imprisoned in tho romiiH on the grouud floor now oecupied jy l'rincn Pierre. They consist of two siiiüll rooms und a sitting room. The witlls are of tone) and whitewashcd. - Pwo narrow Bindows, witli niany iron ►ars, let in dayligtit, but they are .s high np that tho prÍ8on ra nnottee nyiliiii liat s passing on the iay or river. l'here 8 littlo or no furnituru - a talile md gomo ohuira and au iron bed are all. 'rince Pierre lias nol beon allowed to etMD vervants, and is waited on bv he jail altoixlants. On 8aturdaj laat $2,000,006 of the old oontitructio bouds on the Hudson tiver and New iroik Central li;tilroads, lúe Fel'iuiry Ist, were paúl oíf. One nillioQ d'illars was represented by twe jrominent gentlemen who dcinandeo pavmeot ii ;old. ïhey ofleied to tako it uuder protest. The company relused to accept the protest und ñuaüy the curreucy wus accepted.


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