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Preparations For Hot-beds

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Manure suitable for hot-bedsshould be collected during the winter and ke[t in small heaps n some convenient placo. If made into large heaps, fermentation "vrill take place, and the value of the maáurea for producing heat v.ill be destrojed. Every farmer should havo at least one hot-bed in which togrowplants for hig own use. In a bed of medium ize, eabbage9, cauliflowers, tomatocs and cclcry, may be raised in sufficient quautity to stock a small garden. It is a boiter [lan, however, to have several beds, as the plants are not all required at the game time. Strong plante, pepper, melons, eucumber?, cggplants. otc., may' be raised in pots or boxrs, iind set out in the open ground when the weather is ■warm lo favor their rapid growth. Planta taised iu this way will produce fruit much earlier than those grovvn froin seed n the open groand. Hotne grown planta of any kind can líe transplanted witli more saíety tban those procured from a distance, as the ltter suffer by esposnre in the carriage "Wben a man grows his own planta lie can clioose tho most favorito timo for traosplanting, select the best plants, and takc tliera op with a ball of carth' attached to the roots. These aro matters of ilie greatest importanco in 6ettitiLr out plants of any kind. Home grown plants can alao ba set out. graclually, acoording au tlie soil is prepared for their receptioD. When the stróngest plaDts are removed from a hot-bed, the weak ODes whioh are left iu tbe bed, having roem to develcp themselvcs, soon beoome fit for transnlantinf. Every farmer has plouty of material for hot-beds, eucli, for instancc, as etable manurc, dead leaves, leaf mould, rouck, boards, etc. Glaas is not very dcar, nnd a fe v sashos will not oost niuob ; but glass is not indispensable, mnny persoos manage to grow very fine plauts of nearly all kinds of vegetables in hot-beds covered with cottoa clotli, oiled paper, etc. Oyster kegs, nail kegs, etc, cut in two, and tbe parts üKed with ricli new soil, are much used in sorao placea for growing üieloos, caoumbers, pepper plantg, etc. The balf kegs are pluüged nearljr up to their tops in a bot bed, and itopt, tbero until tbe plunts are strocg enousli fr setting out, and the weather is favorable for the operation ; the hoops oí the kegs aro tbcn cut, and their contents turned out without disturbing the roots Wi:en Aanaged in ttiis way tbe growth of the plauts ia uut chocked. At a funeral in ono of tho old Puritani towns, a stranger did tho funeral servicos. Jlis remarks aud prayer were eloquent and impressive. An old lady ■wbo woa present greatly appreoiated tho words of tho tftïonted utrai ;:cr, aud inquired after the eervices wero over ".who thot beautiful niau was ?" Upon being told that ho was a Uni. tarian parson, 6hfi lifted her hands n kol honor md amazemeat, and oxclaimed, " Oh, dear ! 1 must have Leiird with Mjfc worldlj cara."


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