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Peabody Cornered

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In the " M'Doodle Club," n the Old Ouard, for January, we have a story bout Georro Psabudy, running in tuis way : A Virginian, who had boughi large uantities of cotton, before the war, toojf is property to England and when there ie fight coramenced, cotton weet up, nd he realized about a hundred thousnd out of his speculation, and investd it n oonsSto. It yielded him a nico ttle income and he lived up to t pruently - kept a cab and tiger, and loungd abput towu. Ho waB a meniber' of ho Bame club with Peabody, and ono &y the latter, who rather liked him, poke to him like a father about his exravagünce. " It is great folly and useeso expense to keep a horse," said 'he. 1 Wby, I always take the omnibus - always" ïho Southirner was nettled, nd intiraated pretty strongly that ho managed his own aifairs without 'any nterfereoce. Peabody apologizcJ, and xplaiued that it was only a friendly remoostrancj, ar;d there tho matter dfoped. That night they were at tho club .ogether. Peabody, though ao game-' ter, llke every member thüie, liked his [uiet gauie of biet, and at a half guinea )oints, managed to loso thiríy pounds tö lis Southern friend, who happencd to be opposed to him. When he rose to go, ie shoved over a piece of paper to tho winner, " What's that V " That's my :. C. U.," was the reply. " Why, that won't do for me, I want mouey." 1 VVhat do you mean, sir ? I don't happen to have that unich mouoj about me. '. faacy l'm good enough sir, for thirty lounds." "I don't know was the anwer. I doubt the solvency of any man too poor to keep a borne, aüd obliged to ride in an omnibus." And he inisted on the money in gold, and positivey forced Poabody to berrow it :,ad aétlo before he left tho room.


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