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Donn Platt On The Legal Tender Decision

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Tho Legal Tender actniny Lave leen necessary during the late war, to eavo the government, then so giavely i;n...v inrnm w nj vjvji'tiuiuuu (;u 11113 necsssity. A man to save Lis faniilv from starvatlon runy fiuci it to knock hia father-inlaw in the hou!. But he ehould uot shrink from tho conscqutnce, nnd haviog sved Lis famüy, lio ought to submit to tbo hangnog graccfully. Tho necessiíy of tho Legïl Terider act did not survivo the war. The atternpt to continue iu times of peace tho mensures that grew Out of the deadIv c nfliet, is to do to oursolves all tliat the Confederates thrcutened. Had Mr. Lincoln and las advisers bren wise, coura:cou8 statesraon, these war measures would have been few, aud the beautiful spcctaclo preBcnted the wor'd of a froe governtneiit styuggliiig for its own existcneo, and yet giving to its citizens all tlie rights, privileges and fraedom for whicli it waa errated. But that admir,istration seemed to revel iü and lutt for the despotifm of irresponsiblo power. Fi-ora Seevetary Soward, was his little bell, down to the nieanest subordínate of the War Department, tb ere was a wanton ddligbt in a vioiution of conslitutional guáranteos. Thievcs plundered, and enjoyoJ tlieir plunder openly, wbile brainless officials rode over and trampled on all that made our governmeut different from others the wor'd over. To return to our former condition- to forco back our agenta to their legitímate sphere of duty - to restoro our currm y to what the Ccnstitution recognize', and leave trade freo and traders regponeihle, indopendant citizenp, make a taslc slow, paiul'ul, and nt time disheartoniog. The Supremo Court, so far, has shown itself worthy the higb position assigned it by the fathers, and remains secure upon its fuundation, whilo all eke eeems shakv, r.ioving and uneertain. Of courso, "it will be assailed, and those hot gospelers, in their blind zeal, will seek to cripple its usefulness, if not destrey its 'powera Rltogether. If the people can see tb is in ti:;ie, and rally to its support, we have yet safe anchorage. If not, tho hour is iot distant wheu the most thougiitful md eourageous will pronounco our atempt at scif-government n failuro.


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