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The New York World has the following in regard to the professional women of the lobby and tlieir friends in Congrcss. Columns of details are given, but the followiug will suffice to show what a lcathsome picture the writor theroof bas painted : gAmong the lobby women in Washington bis?, sinter was tbe daughter of a United States Senator, whoso fatber yeara arri refused to let ber__marrv..t(),o, him, ho deccived her by a roook mar riage, ho haviog two otlicr wives, so calkd, üving; he took all her jewels, and even niest of her clothiiig, and abandoned her. She went to tho bad headlong, refused all overlures to return home, and the father and daughtor used to pas.-! one another iu tb o Capítol a year go - she was a wanton he a Senator - and never speak. Nor did either evur betray the event to any one. He called her dead ; she consented to bo dead even to him. Another Senator'.? wife who is an invaïii], csnnot be unnwarcf, fbr no one e!se s, that her liusbaud hastncked no lrss thaa six of liis raistresses ou the civil service as clerks, and that he adds to the number every season. Another Senator, a southwest carpetbaga-cr, foisted his mistress on the treasury department last year, and was influential enongh to Lave her ealary oontinued wbile bo eenS her to New York to undergo an abortion. She cied. ïhe Senntor himself drew the arrears of pay ostcnsibly for the mother of tho murdered womao, w-ho has yet (o see the ürst cent of ifc. Another honorable, this timo of tbc House, was driven out of a leading hotel six yeius ago lor notorious couduot with a morried woinan, and that witli tho consent of the husband. That husband is now clerk of that Congressman 's committee, his wife is the Conrcsraan's mistress, aud her eon is a page on the floor of tho House, and wuitson his mutual fathers cvery day. PopüLATION or California Cities. - According to the estimates of ilic County assessors, tho populatiou of California, exclusive of San bingo and Shasta, froni which there are no reports, mimbers 27 souls, of whotn 150,000 or moro than per cent. are in San Francisco. Sacramento iscredited with 35,000, Santa Olara and San Joaquin each with '24,000, Sonoma with 2221, Alameda with 17,000, and Solano with 13,000- and those seven connties have more than lialf tho populatiou of tho State. The total nmnbor of rogistered voters is 141,7! !, aod they ought to pay 8282,000 of anuual poll t:i.-, but'the collectioüs amount to only $141,155.


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