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Last Tliursday cvcniDg, at about Lal pas...

Last Tliursday cvcniDg, at about Lal pas... image
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Last Tliursday cvcniDg, at about Lal past ïiinc o'clock, flre was dlscovered in the snanty; corner of Aun and Main streets occupied by ïnos. L. IIewitt as a grocery and In a few minutes contcuts and balldlng vrerc both consumetl. The Iossoü contcuts is placed at $000, insurcd for 400. The loss on the building is probably about 000,000.02, wlth no Insurance. Tlie Social given by tlie Ladies' Iodustrial Society, for benefit of the organ fond, at the Presbvterlan Church, last day evenlng, is reported to have been i vcry picasant and profltable affalr. Kead tbe advertieementP, on the firsk page, of A. WiDBHifAsjr. Real Estáte and Insurance Agent, aud Forelgn Exchange Broker. Tlio Kev. Dr. PiTEIN, of Detroit, Avill (Icüvcr tho 2d Iccttirc of the course to the Stiiilcnts' Association of St. Amlrew's Charch, ón Snnday eveting, Feb. 20tli. Xtw -xt r-i.rri, Imntihx -V,"e have rorcivcd frora tbe Combinados Tool Co., of 05 Merccr Sirept, fork, aa arttde patented November 28, ISW, iioets, descrvcs mont'.oD. 11 i n combinatton of twelve tool'in one instrument, a7)tl can be convenientiy oiirried n the vest pocket. Cn:i be used ns a pocket rulo, scissor?, rulcr, square, bevel, screw-driver, chisel, compasees, líuíton-liole cutter, paper-knife, eraser, and peodleharpener. Tho orücJa Is mauufactured from etecl. Tlsecompanydesire to appoiut afrenta lo Introduce it, and ofler to send tample fpoiished steelj by mnll, with tsrnu to cents, for 50 cents; (teel, Uver-plated, one dollar"; eitra fiuisbed, gold-lated, two ida. A fdirtriül only b needed to eonvinco. the most cal, that Hall'a VogaUolo Sicillnn HalrRenewe 11 accomplishall that s claimcd for it.


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