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Carious Geological Formations

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It is stated by one of our foreiga exchanges that near the city of Mediua, in Italy, and about four miles around it, wberever the earth is dug, wben the workmen firrive at a distance of sixty. tbree feet they cotne to a bed of cbalk, ■whieh they bcre with au auger five feet deep. They theu withdraw from the pit beforo the auger is removed, and upon its extractiou the water bursts up through tbe aperlure with great violetxoe, aud quickJy filis the newly made veil, which contiuues full, and is affected hy neither rains nor drouth. But what is most reajarkable in thia operaticn is the layers of earth as we desoend. At the depth of fourteen feet are found tho ruins of an ancient city, paed streets, houses, doors and different pieces of mason vrork. Under this ie found a soft, oozy earth, made p of vegetables, and at tvrenty-six feet, large trees entire, euch as waluut trees, with the walnutssiillstuck to the stem, and the leavcy aad brauches iü a perfect state cf preservation. At twenty eight feet deep a 6oft chalk is found, mixed with a vaet quantity of shells, and the bed is eleven feet tbick. Under this vegetables are found agaiu.


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