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Female Suffrage

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Fiddle fackllc ! what'sthe se? You cairt inake her ;i man ; great Crcator l'ashioned lier Ou qiiltc another plan. .Man's joints are stróbg and flrinly kult, Bil tbewa and sinews toogh, But wojnan'a o!' tialntet niould, Aud fonncd of flier stuff. Men are the proso - the tinilicr lialf Of this sad vorld of oiirs, And woinen are tlie Doctry Tlie sweet fcrn and the flowors. Tbroughoüt thebléssed buuk thlathoagh Runs beautifülly clear, That oiiKin lives to sanclüy, To gracé and to cndé&r. Don't lctlier, then, be sinutcheil and sollti liy tnlngling in tlie fray, Bnt keep hér frée from grosser acts To win her own sweet wa.j ■, Let purity ïvniain hor sMeld, Without ii blot oí' stain, Toguard her mental blooin from taint Or touch of hand profaue. Forbld it, Ilciivcn ! Forbid t, Fatc! Forbld it meo ( bi8, That .shc berself shouid aid the plot To sliume lier own defense. She Is all glory :is she is - Wliy shoulcl the fretting few Conspire to bauish f'rom her soul The fragramie and the ds t Why take away her chiefest charra - The crown that's heí's b_v rigñf, The qniet influence that compels Proud man to own her rlgfal f Slie ktiou'ü her po ver- why cau't the sex i unaiu conteutcd, Iht-n, To rule iis in tlie ooU old way ? Lord lovc us all - amen !


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