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Editorial Chips And Splinters

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- JnQge BHisteed is n't to bc mipeached. - In the liritisli House f Coinmons a ! tiill )ikk been luBrotlucecl pro.vidiig for free f eli:inentary schools in Englaml and Wales, t - The House, on Friday last, refused to Increara the pay of the fetnalc clcrkg In the DepartnMnts. Anus sliould "Tothe Res ene." - I'niice Bormpnrte is (o !o put on trial. charged wlth "Komlokle througli Irnprudcuce." Il' he haiin'i Ixjen a "i'riuce" tlio charge wojild he nvtmttr. - The Scnate, on Friday last, conflrmed the ïioniinatlon of Judge Stronfr, of Pa., to bc Associalc Justice. Thai of Bradley was not aoted upon. - In the Ne-.v Vork I.pgislaturo, on Fridiiy lust, the House paased a joint resolu tlou provldlng for pay Ing coln interest on its olU bonded debt. New York ia Deiuociatic. - Texas has made one jol) out of it nnd and mtilled the XlIIth, XlVtb, n:id XVlli ainendmcnts in a batch. A State out "of the Union rivtifying aincndinents- under compulsión. Great times, these. - It now leaks out tlmt Jadga Bradley - the Seuate willldg - was the ürst to suggest pun.hasing o cottage at Long iiranch, lor the President, and eoutributed to the "gift enterprise.'' What (lid Jmlge Strong xive ': - One George Fox, a wealthy Third Avcinie Diner, dicd rtcently, leaving all bla properly, estlmaled between f300,000 and $4i0,000, to the governmeut, to be applied toward the war debt. The wijl is eonteated by the nephews aud uieces of the deceased. - It is reportad that Judges Bradley ond Strong are both pledged to join the dlssentirg judges in reversing the decisión against legil tenders, and aiso that Grant took their opinions 011 other mooted questions. What will a Court composod of such judges be but a tooi of the party ? - The"purp" on whlch the President refused to pay the expr2ss charge of 10, having proved to be worth $100, and th charges being reported paid, brother-in-liiw Dent was sent to negotiate with the XVthamciulment wlio beenme its possessor for its recovcry, but without success. - There is a Peace Association at Paris and Gen. Butler has been elected a member That association had watched hls annj career, and knew that Arteraus VYiml like he was willing that his wife's relation should do the Qghtlng. Peace is his ele ■ ment - unies ))is tonguc can be the weapon. - - im ---fc - - -


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