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a cough, coldTör IsökïTthro at ffjfcw Reqolrea immediste atteftttoaasi Xvjafcj'tjt glect o ""ten resuïts in t,n iiicumbk UkyUlwBrown Bronchial Troches EWwCyr wil 1 too ut iovrtriabiy gi veinst a ut rtltt-! For Broscihtis, Abthííí, Catashh, Coxsümpttv]. and TnnoAT Dibkisbk, thi ■ ithing effct. SIXGEKá an-1 POBUC SPE-VRËHS them to c loar and streoijthon the voice. ' to the good reputati n aud popalarityof tbc Troches, many tcorlkUea and chiap imttaiions are oj. fered, ichich are goodfor notkbig. Be sure to obtain til f! BROWH'S BRONCEIAL TROCHES. 12í4:iiG BOl : 1 . Jíi irasl HALL'S VEGETABLE SICIUAN ÍÜ&l ZiENEWER . IT 1VILL P0S1TU-ELY RESTORE CU.ÍY HAIIt TO 1TS 0RK1XAL COLOR. It kceps tbe liair f.ium fa'.ling nut. It i tlie best ilrBssIni'in ttae lrorld,mtkÍDg llfelau, stilT, braahy liair, henlthy, soft and ploi Por Bale byall dmiggitn. 7. r.IIAL'l. &?O. Sasbu, '. V. r-.-r t'.on, "Sheridan 20 Miles Away!" j. A.. TEEEY, (flUCCKSSOH TO KEMPEK & D1EIIL,) lïaa on hand a largo and we 11 solee tüï stock of WIISTTER QOODS iiicla-ïing a fu 11 line of HATS & CAPS! Latest Hlyleaaad best uality. Lodies' and Geuts' Furs, Gent' Furnishing Gooda, Gloves, Cullars, Neckties, &c, which v.ill be solO at tlift VER Y LO WEST FIO ÜRES! E3F lÏL'iuember tlio place, No. South Main Street, the olii store of Juhu West. Ann Arbor. Deo. 23,1669. ïüfit T)OOÏd AND SHOES ! F1NLEY & LEWIS, ARK KOW RECEIVING A LARGE & WELL SE LECTED STOCK OF BOOTS, SÜOHS, SLIPPERS, KUJ3BERS, ARCT1CS, AKS FURLINED OVER SHOES. TUK ATTENTION OF BUYEHS WHO WAN'! GUOV GOODS AT KEASONABLE PRIOKS. E i.wited to ouh STOCK OF HAND 9IADK CALF, KIP, AND ST06A BOOTS ! work WHICHWB WII.I.; WARRANT TOGIVE ESTIRE SATISFACTION OÜR GOODS ARE BOUGHT FOR CASH, AND WII.I. BE SOLD AI THE LOWEST CASH PRICESANDI'ROKITS. 1210 rpHEODORE TAYLOR & CO., (3CCCE3SORS TO C. K. THOMPSON i CO,t Wholosale and Retail Dealers in GROÖERIES & PRODUCE FR UJTS, EXTRACTS, SPICES, Crockery, G-lassware, Lamps and Oil, Tatle Cutlery, Plated Goods, Looking Glasses, STONE, WOODEN, AND WILLOW WARE House Estalïlished in 1850. Sa. 13 Sjoutti Blaln street, ANN ARBOB, MICPI Theo. Taylor,' A. J.SuthrlaDrt, 1S17 V' ■. Wlisdun, TACOB HALLER, DE1LEB I.V CLOCKS, WATCBES AND JEWELRY, NO. 22 EAST HÜROK ST. MV STOCK INCLÜDE8 American & Swiss Watches, Of the Bost Manufacture; Gold and Sïlver, Lady's andGeut's. SOLID GOLD RINGS, CHAINS, LADIES' SETS, SPECTACLES, SPOONS, PORKS, B3to. All Goods warranted aftrepresentcj, and sold at CT PVRTICULAR ATTKNTION GIVEN' TO REPAIRIHQ ITATCBE8, 'IXICKS AS'I) JKWKLRY, AND WORK GUARANTEK1). 1240m3 DIY GOODS 1 GROCERXESy GABFETS, OIL CLOTHS ! AT THE FARMERS' STORE. BLOOMINGTON, ILL. NT7RSERY. 19tliYcar! 600 Acres ! 10 Gremhoises. ljirt?eFf. !in„t (-toi-k Uld ihlpptDg !:. :i]iT!."i. Al'iM.I1:. Datcbut, I : u. Mndont, Hlslop i, 3 iod3 ïan. APl'I.Kl(:)'H'iir..urs. chotea, me udiuií ibove. ROOT-GHAFTS, Pr Plan, Charrv. SERDS, Apple Vnr, kc, WI1.DOOOSK, Hmr, Lombard l'lums, EVERGREENS, ROSES, l.onO, $100 Dabhai Olailioluh, Tuberose, GRiCENHOU81. Bbddiog PlaaW Sead lüo. furCatnlotfucn. F. Iï. PIKKNIX. ivl2 PflYSICIANS' Prescripi tions Accurately and Care fully Prepared by j R. W.ELLIS&CO. '-- - - - -


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