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QRENVILLE, j] DRUGGI8T ! No. O Main Street Kaot Sida. r al '' ' '" ir2" ' ' J KEEPS CONSTANILY ON IÍAJíÓ FAUNESTOCK'S LEAD, GROUND IN OIL AND DRY COLOKS, j Oils, Varnisheö, Putty, PATENT MEDICINES! c BRTJSHBS, BUnTOJÍ'S .TOBACCO ANTIDOTE, OOliOAT3'S SOAPSJ HAIR OILS Sf IIAIR BESTORERS b DRUGGISTS' SUNDRIES, "K s IIAIR DYK9, fLAVOHlXG AND Han.dkerch.iei Extracts GLASS RUBBER, AND TRU8S ALL CF BEST MAKERS, ] PURE NATIVE WINES AND X.IQX3 OES 1 AGENT FOR TUS QREAT t. S. 1EA COMBJTY. Froacrlptfons put np vlth Care at all Houra. Store open ou the Sabbath irom 7 to 10í A. UJ. 12 'M 2,aud 0 to8 P, M. GR VII.I.E & Fl'LLER'S ACCOUNTS, IF XOT SETTLKD Bï APRIL Ui, WILL BK I.EFT W!TI1 TUE l'ROPKK OFFICHBS FOR CULLKCTION' GEO. GUENVILLE. Marchótb, 1S69, WEETEIMi!NÏGT SWEETENING ! FOR YOUBJ SÜGxlR and SYEUP QO TOB IIULL, ROBINSON & CO.g A FULL AND } CHOICE XaitfECXF GROCERIES1 MAY BE FOUSD AT Huil, Kobinson & Co's. TpOB THE NEXT ■ Sixty Days the Farmers' , Store will Sell Goods Cheaper i than any other Store in the I City. : A (JOOD CUP OF : C3 E 3F" 3P" 3SS 3ES ! IF Y OU WANT THEWHEREWiTH j ÏO MAIÍE ÏT, GO TO flULL, ROBINSON & Cj). pAKÏMsrBËAVËBl CHINCHILLAS ! . ÁSTRAKÁN AND ' SCARLST BR6ADCLGTH FA liMEBS STORE ■ - ■ - T U2ÍBER YARD.' c. kra.:pt Has a Itrge a mi wetl toctted Lumber Y.tnï , on .Te f Ftraon Str..-:. in the ioolh [u-rt v'f tl.B City, an.l wit ■ kwp eonst&nUj "n baoQ o exoêllent Tru-ty of LUMBEK, SHINGLES, LATH, SÓC wMcli wül be vofd as low as can bc affordftQ in (Li mtiket, tjinlitv uii-1 iripfs suoïi tliM no one nel tu go to OONRAB KKAl'l', Adii ilrbnr.Offt.lut. 18119. Wdtf POE SALK : JTta snbseribers offer for Mie tb houw, nd all o :l' portion fit' the cro'indit o Ann Streel, hctwet'i l'i:irt!i iui'1 Flfth 8treeU, bslDg tliH rnBidence of the iMto Vobitv ('hiipin. PorMniM ipmiIv to C. A. Cha pin. Alfto abont ftiLros on Millor Avenue. O A. CHAPÍN, V rV. OHAVINMr. Y Adminiatrati-T. 8. S. WALKRR, ) A'nn Arbor.April.UHh, i 1215 ■ ' - ■ - ' ' Finöst Assortment. of Toilet ; Goods in the City, by riHE BE ARS ARE AUEADl rOHÑSOtf, THE HA1TER, Has just opeiied & Large Stock of WINTER COODSS lnclmtlng Keweit Styli of HATS & ÏTOS ! Wltiehvill besold O-WEÏ?, TttA.l& E7-ETl í ALBO A LARGE STOCK OF JLOVES, COliLARS, KI3CK TIEá, HANDKERCI1IEF3, SATtHELS, CANK, Umbrellas, Parasols, Sec. Pleaflf calían iexniuüe my goodf before pvrehai Dg elsewher?. 0. 7 MAIN BT.. - AM IRBOE 1IICH. Xovembcr, 18t!S. 1315tf HALT! WALK 1N!1 Si SONDHEIM, iUCCESSÓR TO" M. Guiterman & Co AT TUE OLD OLOTHNG HEADQUARTEK HAS JCST OPESED A FALt GOODS I.SCLIDI.SQ CL O TH S, CASS1MEAES, -„., VEsrixes, $e. All of th( Best and I.atcst Stjlef,. Togetber witb LARGBl'AND ÏÏELL SELECT ED STOCK 0? READT-MAIJE CLÖTHINGi ASD QENTS1 FURNI8HÍNO [QG0D8, ï WITII T!(E L'ARGBST STOCK Oï Bovs' aád Yonths'" ClothiDg EVEK OFFEBED IN THI6 MAEKET. Whlch heffers at Greatly Redueed Prlcegr f73 8190 a Urge lot f "5B CLOTHING MAriTTO 0RIÍ2K IN THE BEST S T Y L IT Cali and examine tor yoursehu I No. 9, Booth Idain Stront. ANN ARBOK. SEPT.,le. lOJStf T AZARUS & MORRIS, Practical Opticians and Oculista, LONDON, GreatBritain, an HARTFORD, COKS., U. 8. Save appoinied. JACOB IIAM.F.U, Watchmaker & Je Ttier, Ann Arbor, illcli., Soïe Agent forhe S'tle of the ir CELEBRATED PERFECTED SPECTACLES, Wluch ba Te been exteusi vely uced il Qreat JTriiia' nndVniti'i] States, the pastdgbl y. . ai.-.l [cru Inch lh7 claim tli f undermeutiond ad rantüg es oyt'r 'lies e in ordlnarT ue,tbe proof of hfch j be h in tlietr cnRtantly incrfAffing buiucys iiuriug tbe aM' cight ycars, lst. That f rom tïi e peicT rmstniction pf tb leniM. they asslst and prtrtftte ILe igbt, rfudtrinif frequeut changes unnecMsary. 2nd. That ther confpr (i brillinncy ard distinrt-drss of viion ,with au ainount of t-ase aid oomJort not hitbeito cnjiO'fdby ajicttiicle weart-ii. Sd. That the matpri.11 from uliiob tle Ifnrn aretTroiind is rtariufccturetl npociftlly for optie jurfn, am'. !■ pure, liard a3d bvül.'ant, ad rfot liabl to becoiue serdtched, Jlli . T-i.vr tlie tfamta in wil ioh tlicyare set . iv heth (■rir.ilil.sllvir or uteel, are of tliefinot .ubIÍIj nd. 1, anti guaranteed porfec' n every respeci. Thej-arp thi only Spcctarlis ttut lpRFfTvlt wkll a iralSX tuk. Hr.liT. Ard a ro cr;ff, teraur the 6ei, always lastii'g oiauy ycarf. Ultnt harg being necessary. IOne of the flrm willvi-it Alín A'rVo'r' 'lt il Stort of tb tli Aimit mtrj l(r rrn ths, i"or tb e f i:rpOBe of attinctl:nsi. baVIrip diflinlt pf?l t irr spectMli'ssoW bjr their AFmtiuriifr (Kei mrrral wilY beexchan-r.l free o! chari-f if Bol properljr fltt d. (--WÉEMPLOY NO PEDDI.ERS.nj Go to E. W. ELI1S & CO'8 for choiceWines and LiquorF ' for Medical Purposes, Í


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