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The Temptation And The Fall

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This is a l'renchman'H account of the lomptation and the fall : ''MoD$ieur Adam he wake up ; he sees une belle demoiselle asleep in zo garden. Voila de la chance. ']on jour, Madame Tv.' Madame Iv she wake ; fhe hole her fan before her face. Adam put up his eya glass to admire ze tubleaux. Zey make oce promenade. M;:dame Iv, she feol angry ; she 8ee appel on zo arbie. Serpent se cui' premene l'arhre, make one walk on ze tree. 'Moes. lo Serpent,' say lv, 'woel pou nút havo zo bonte to peek me some appel, J'ai fuim ' 'Certaiiiment, madame,' say ze serpent, 'charme de vous voir.' 'Hola, moa arni, ar-r reter vous,' sny Adam ; 'stop, stop, ojue songen vous faire? What madnese is zees - you must not peek ze appel.' Ze anako, he take one pinch of sr.uËf ho ?;iy, 'Ah! Monnieur Adam do you not kuow zei e is nossing prohebeet for ze ladits? Madame Iv, peruicet me to cffer you sorrc of tliia fruit defendu.' Iv, slio niake o: e courtesy, ze snnke he SH her parasol wiz appel ; lic say, 'Eritus sicttl leut. Moriieur Adam, ho will eut y.u ippel, bc will bccomo ükc ono Diou, know ze good and zo evil ; but you, madame, but you, Madamo Iv, cannot beeome more of a goddess zan you are now.' And zis tinish Madame Iv." Twolva thousand six liundred and cighty-seven iimiiigrants have ariived ut New York sinco the lst of Jauimy against 1 1,i the samo time last year.


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