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Judging Himself

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The Detroit Free Fret revives tfco followiug good siory : Whittemore's p!ea that he sold cadetsbips in order to próvido moro bountifully for charity, has a parallel in the old story of the niiíler, who, when bis bad long been burdened over bis oll stealiogs would summou the other niillers around bitn, open a court of trial, ake the place of judge biraself, and would theu procoed to make a legal icvestigatior. tuto the doiogs of ihe apsem)led crowd, keeping his own case for tbe ast. He would put on a vory stern and liguified air, telliug them that he was ha Lord, and couiuieaco : "Hans Schmidt, shtand oop' "Hans, vat is peen your pishness ia dat oder vrorld ?" ('I vas a miller, Lort." "Vas you a yoost man ?:' ''Veil, ven de vater vash low, and tho )!shness ish pad, Oh, Lort, I somedimo dakes a éétíé exdra dole9." "Vel, Han?, you shall go ofter mit to ;otes, alrcady yet." And so iu successioa all were tried and immediately senteneed to go over O tho goats. Last of all the miller invnrbbly tried ïimself in tho followiug tijlo : "Yacob Miller, shtand oop :" ';Yacob, vat vas your pishntss ia dat odor vovld V "I vasa miller, Oh, Lort." "Vas you a yoost man, Yacob ?" "Voll, Ob Lort, ven de vater vns a eetle low and do pishness vas bad, I somedimes dakss soora leetlo cxdra doles; but, O!i Lort, I all deVile givcs dose exdra dolos to de poor." (Aftcr a long pause) "Veil, Yacob Uilier, you kin go over mit de shecp - )ut U vas von tam tiyht squtese "


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