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As Experience And Moral

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I lcnt my lovc a book otJC dar ; She brougltt it back - I luid it by ; "luns littlr cittipr had tO suy - She was so strange, and I so shy. But yet ve love Indifferwt tilines - The Bpronting bwis, tne blrds In tune- And time stood still and wreatln I hll wlngs WHh rosy links from June to June. For her task torio or daré? What perll tem;t wha.t hardship bcar i Dnt witli her- nh ! gbe ncvrT knew Iy heart, and what was hielden there And sho, ;vith me, so cok! and coy, Seeraed üke a maid bereftof 5ense ; Btit In the crowd, all life and Joy, And full of bluBbfal impudence. She mnrricd - weïl, n vromnn needs A mate, lier lift and love to share; And little cai-os aprnng op like weeds, And playad a round lier elbow chalr. And ycars rollcd - but I, content, Trlmmed my ov,-;i lamp and kept t bright, Till nse's touch iny halr bps?reñt AVith rays and gleams of silvor light. And tben it chancad I too'; the boofc WhSch sha pernpcd in dnys sr?ne by; Aml as I read, siich passion Bhook Hy soul, I needs must curse or cry. For hero and there her love waawrlt, In old, Iialf-faded peneil .kus, As i f she yielded- bit by bitHor heart iu dots and underlincs. Ah ! silvered 'ools! too late you look 1 I know it ; let me here record T.'iis maxini ; Lend no girl a book, Unless j-on rcad it aftcrward ! Continiud fromjtrst pag. Sshind me, Satan I" t'io trimmer gave a lustior s'.roko a:nl was borne once more Jar Hiiorewnrrt. How long hall tbe unsqaal oontejt Uet t Bfay üoii save the nrinuner ! Mean w hilo the fisboriuon lad noi leen i el 1 o . Tlicy. b?.d taken a ropo out R9 far into tlie rf as tliey cou'J maintew a footing, and thoro olasping hnndn held a life-line aud buoy ready to throw s aoon ns the Strnnger ehould bu ?ith n roacb-. It rerjuirod all their address and strength to iaintain their position, but they h!d tUeir own gallantly and ■rel!. At laat the swimmcr nnd bis burden re almost within reaeh, but the fisberaien cnn see tbat nftur er-cLi bresker his trokes we less vigorou, and ik is doubtfiil if he can hold out lili ouccnr ofiacs But sec 1 quick ! Btand fat ! That large Breaker - it will crush thora ! It oanM on, n huge wall of v;afcer, perfèctly erect Hod maiy fo-t in height and tbtckoess - a yellow, solid mass, gatheriog motnentnm in its progress. The Stranger gave a suddca. dcspaiving glance behmd him, and then (pnoWnmg lire nervcless trolie, doping to avoid the break. He was no.v iu (juito shallow water - a tnoicout more and lic would be safe. Too lato i 1'ho wall Tía3 nlready toppling to ils fnll. lts widccxtoudcd cnds began to curl and 'rcr.!:, and the white foam to run along its ertst tonvard the center. With a horrible swoop it feil upou the anfortunate men and swopt tliern under the mase of is angry wp.ter?. ïhoy wero carricd up on the boach by lbo guooeoding wave - the stranger insensible, rind Hnrtley Keonett deod. Still íaithíul to the trust ho had psumeii, the hïinl of tiie Sirniigur was fiimly clasped round his eo'tjj.auion's &rto. WUen the Wranger rcc;ninr-d cnneionsness-, which was nïniost iraraediütoly, his opsning 6yea feil firat on the lifeles body of Hartiey Konnött - lifeless beyond the power of rfstorati(in. Then the Strangor perecived that a wmuan was supporting his licad. Tiirning bis fives feshly upward, they metcyes whose very expreesion lid had learued by rote- eyes to him tbo sweetest over een - eyes no-.v beaming oti him with anuUei':vble aJ.inirivtion, tendernosa and leve. Wís the wife of Ilartlay Konnett to be condemned because, when deseending to the fiutn-strcwn beach and beholdir.g the bodies of the two men lying on tlio and, she dld not hesitnto betwes;n her lover a-i'! her Imsband ? Wero those unho'y Icisscj wluoh shs impriuted on hia ooM forehaad ? Was thatan uuboly toueh wiih whith she drew tbe danknrd roatted pca-wced. from his hair ? Was timt joyftrl beat of hor heart which greeted his returning consuiousness to be condemned i Tliat day hal been big ■with futo for the Stranger. Dastiny hadnot eecep'ed frhe sacrifice he liad boen wiilicg to raako. T!io gum of his happinesi wíi tliis - she wa now freo and sha loved bim. Tho atorm was already broalsinjr, and the shattereá c'oudü vrera frirged wiih the crimson glories of the setting sun. Beneath tho vast bow of promiso whioh paoco'] ilií clearing ky, besida tho moanint; Burge?, wo lenve them on tha and - the lovers and the busbind - the


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