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The Art Of Being Happy

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-The art of buing happy les in th power of extracting hoppiness from common things ! If wo pitob our expecUtions high, f we aro arrogant ia our pretcnsión, if we will not be happy except wheo our self-love is gratiiisd, our pride stimulated, our vanity fee), or a fieroe cxeiteineut kindled, then we .sha 11 havo biU Httle satisfaction out of this life ! The whole globe is a museum to those wlio havo eyes to seo. liare playa aro uofolded before every maü who cau read the drama of Ufo intelligently, Not go to ihe theaires? Wieked toeec playa? Every strcet 3 a thcatre. Oie caunot open his eycs without seeing unconseious players. There are Otiiellos and Jlamletsaud Lears, íind Falstaffa Ophelias ltoealinds, aud Julieta, all about os. Midsummer night dreains aro performing m our hcavens. Ilappy ? A walk up and down Pul ton etrcet iu Brooklyn 13 as good as a play. The children, tbe nurses. the maidens. Iba mntlipra tl.n wealtliy everybndies, tbe queer men, the uncouseious buffoans, the drolls, the earuest nonseüse, and the whimsical earuestnees oí men, tlie shop windows. ti;c oars, the horses, the onrriages- bless U8- thero s uot huif time enough to enjoy ail that is to beseen o these ibins Or, if tbe mood takes jou, go in aud taik witli the peoplo- chocsin?, of course, fitting times aüd seasons." Be cheerful yoursejf, and good naturcd and respectful, and every man bas a secret for you wortb knowiog. Tbere is a school master waiting for you bebind every door. Every sbop-man has a look of life differeut irom yours. Iluman naturo puts on as maoy kinds of folinge as trees do, aud is far better worth n -tinger is uot alike ín uny two men, nor pride, nor vauity, nor love.- Every fooi is a special fooi, and there is no duplicóte. What aro trades and all kinds of busmess, but laboratorios nhere the ethereal thougbt is transmuted into some visible ehape of matter? Wbat are vroriing men but traaslators, of mind into matter ? Mon are cutting sawiug, filiug, fitting, jciniug, polishing. J3ut every articlo is so much mind condeDSod iato matter. Work is inoarDation. JNobody kcows a city who only drives along its streets. Thero are vaul.s under strcet?, ceilara uuder houses, attics above, shops bebind. At every step raeu are found tuuked away in eome queer nook, doiug unexpectcd things, tliemselves odd, aud fuif of eotertainiug knowlodee. It is kindly sympathy with ' human lifo that euables oDe to tecure happiness. Pride is like an unsilvered glaes, througb which all sightspass.leaviug no impression. But sympatby, liko a mirror, catches everytlnng that lives. The wholo world makes pictures for a mirror-heart. TLo best of all is, tbat a kind heart and a keen eje aro never within the sherifi's reach. He may sequester your goods. But he cannot fhut up the world or confíscate buman life As loDg as thesaare Icft one raay defy poverty, uegleet of friends, and eveu, to a degree, misfortune and siokness, and still find hours brimful evcry day of innocent and nourishing enjoyment - R. W. Beeeher.


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