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the Bjmpsthize baving succeeded in bullying Judge Baii8D1I.Ii into giving - wliat lic was mors tii:.r, trilling to grant without Vandbbpool a uew trial üiiii a ehsnge of veuue, the snmc disgracoful proccedings are to bo continued for tlio purpon of forcing the Kiilamazoo caurt to acquit Iiiiu in advanco of the new trial - if potsible. In (urtheranco of thia design, the Detroit Free Pnss iudisereetly - and to our surprise - gives promirieut plaee to the following sensation dispatch : Special Dtspatch to Ui" Detroit Free Presa; Jackson, MfCH., May tl. Georsje Vanderpool left here this eveolng for Kalamazoo, in custody of the sheriff, there to remaln In jall untll liis trial. I Ie Is cueerful, and hasgained öesli wlule in prisou. .Many o' UW Irlends called upoo hiui at tho Hlbhard House this afternooo. Thc# Tribune l'ollows tsuit with tbe following : Special Diupatch to tuc Dctruit Tribuno. Kalamazoo, Muy 10, 1870. Sheriff Wells brought Vanderpool to this town last night, and he is now in jall. Tbere Is great excltement to see hlm, He is looking remarkably wcll, aucl appears to be in rood spirits. S. W. Fowler brouglit the order of tlic COUrt at Manistee to Sheriff Wells. The tiles and records have 1106 yet boen received and the date of tlje trial has not yct been llxed by Judge Brown. It's a jtly thng to be a bcro, and if ono don't caro how hc beoomed notorious, committing morder is the shorteat out to being lionised. Despite a fair trial, (iespite oonvic'.ion, despite tlio brand of Cain, tbo ministers of tho gospel stiel I out 83 bountifully, the reporters so revel in congratulatory adjectlvea, and tlio public 80 rush to Lis rooöption, that we are not sure that sorao ether high-mioded and honorable eitizeiis will uott;o;iimt - uo be charged w i t h - murdor, just for the glory of tbe thiug. We subtuit that the jress should now (juiet d&wn, and lt;t the luw lake its oourse. If Vandkbpool is nnoceut in GuD'd nauio let him be ncquittcd, hut what there is in him tliat tbe presa siiould joiu in inaking public opinión and oreraweing courts is more th-iu we can tee. To use a familiar colloquial phrase - we do hope the reSned Chroniek etalï will not cali it a "slang" term - the Illinoia Jonstitutional üonveotion has "goiie jack' on tbu svouieu : that is it has reooDsidered the sufiVageuitiele, audbyan overwhelmiog rote deeided Dot to 6ubnit tho questioa to the electora. Anthony, Si'A.Niox & Co. will ueeds make anothtr western tnur. - Also comes from Venuout aa announeemeDt that the electiou held ou Tue-?day for delégales to a oonstitutiontiukeriug convontion waü a slim affair, and that "bardly any interest waa rnat:ifested except on the propositioa to incorpórate WOtn&D sülTfage in the consütutioD. ïhe ooovontion will bi) composed of the strongest inen in the State, aud will be strougly opposed to womau suffrage." Mrs. Hovvb, Mis. LlYBBMOBB, Wk.nhell Phillii'í. Gu.bLbi Haven, and the other gtrong-uiinded wouien of Boston aud her suburbs wül have to look to Yermont. Oxe swindle received a check - only temijorary, perbapg - io tho Iiouse ou 'Wednesday, that body refusiog, by a vote of 77 to 92, to order the Northern Pacifiu Raüroad laud-grabbing bilí to a third readiug. Tho entiro Michigan delegatiou, ezcept Fxbbt, voted for the swiudle. Alter tho failure twenty-four ameudments were oflered and tho bill referred to the Pacific ltuilroad Committec, with authority to report at any tiuio. - Let tho government aid railroads across the continent by money if at all, and then the nereased value of its lands will make good the appropriatiou. It is about time that giving away the public domain to raüroad companies to aid roads, and then lending theru money or bonds to build the roads was stopped - They paT nothiug thcmselves, keep tho landri, construct the roads entire with the proceeda of the bonds, and then leave the the government to pay even tho interest. If we are not justified in charaoteiizirjg this as a swindlo, we don't know what the word bas a place iu the dictionary for. A "üpecial" from Washington to the N. Y. Evming Post, says : "PostinastcrQ-eneral Cueswkll eays if tho bill abolisLing the fraukÏDg privilege is passed be will be able to reduce lotter poataga from threo to two cents per half ouuce.' 'Yü vvere about to write if ho would be able to make tho dopartment pay expenses ho would do wcll, but tho absurdity of the extract renders all comtnont unnecessary. What has he to do with reduoing the rates' of postage ? Wo had aupposed that postage was regulated by law, aud that Congress not tho Postmaster-General had the power to reduce it. Uut Exeuutire oflieers in these latter days may bo abovo tho laws of (Jbngress, as Congreas ia - or assumes to be - above the Constitution. If so why don't Mr. Cueswell abolish the obnoxio us fraukiug privilege and thon reduce bis postage. If he can do the latter he can the foriner without the help of Congress. Tupíate election in Jaraneo - on tne pltliicitum - resulted in an overwhelming majority in favor of sutstainiog the govemineut - that is ia confirruing tbe Euiperor and the Napoleouio dynasty forever. We knew it would, for when Zaciiariah the I., Marquis of Detroit, hob-uobbed with Louis Napoleon last summer, ho told the uneasy Emperor how our government managed to auieud ooustitutions," how tho States wero not permitted to propose amendinents, and how cnough of thom were kopt in military subjection, and compelled to ratify to secure the suceess of auy propoaition. Natolkon was an apt scholur, and the plebucilum is a succoss. Tuk Mo Faklanp murdor tria! dS on Tuesday, having oooupied twentyiivo days. Mr. Ghaham suiiuutd up the ta-e for tbe defense on Fridaj and Monday, dijcLssiug the evidence and evi i fcuturu mul snrrounding in full - travtling over a good deal of ground pertlneut and uot portiueut, District-Attonuy Gaktin closod tho case on Tueeday and it was giveu to tho jury at 3 o'clook P. .m. Wü tril! let Ü.e tolegruph teil tho result : A1 8 o'cloefc tho jury retircd. They reappeared la the coart attemninntesto5. Tlïe silenec of death prevalled us they tookthelr and McFarland tnrned aa palo as a nhti'i. 'l'uc forumaii ïiuali.v roas to answur the asnal questlon, and MoFarland stood up to face the jury. lic trembled vlolently and clutched the ra-Hing bcsido hl in a for support. "Is the prisoner at tbe bar gullty or not :" canic the qaestlon at last. "Hot gollty," was tho answer. The scanu beggars deacrlptlon. Tüe whole audleuce jiiniejl to their feet and cheered as though determlned to shake tbe house to lts foundations. Even thé coart Jolned n tho ehicmig. Men and iromen sprang over the Beats and atruggled for the privilege ol shaklng McFarland by the band. Ladies divlded their atteatlon en the llberated man and lus counsel, whom they lavlshed wlth ihanks. McFarland was very much affected, and little Percy, In bis joy, jumped up on ncnalr and wavlug a handüerchlef lent bis volee to the cheermg. McFarland soon after left the court room and the crowd diaperged. Notwithstanding Itccorder Hacketï charged the Jury that an injured Lusband or parent had DO right to tako the law into his own liandd "and uphold tlie sinctity of the marringe tie ttnawiftad by logai procedure " that "free-lovo or s e 1 1 '. ï t ij ._■ 1 1 1 ; 1 1 - 1 ï i on the one hand, and moral refleotion upon the conduct of the deoeaaed man or living woman upon tho other" were uot to affect tho verdict ; and .bat insanity was tho ouly defensc, the mliliu will rogard tho verdict in another ight, is ui)3 rathcr cf justiiication. McFarland vvould have been acq_uilted the same after the rcadiug oí Riohabcron's letter tho first day tbe di'funso took the oase, ana all bíuco has been hurdly cuuiulutivo. Tin: Cicil Service Journal reads Congress and tho Radical leaders, who seuk to .stuül from thü 'pcople by means of a ;ariff to enrioh the Amuses and BjPBAflUM )i New England ; tho Morrslls and Kellevs of Penosyl vania tho Mc(■AiiTiiYs and Guiswolds of New York; itid tho WAnua and Fields of Michigan, alecture on their coursc, which it thinks Í is suiuidal to tho party. About that 'eature of the ariiclo we oaro nothiug, jut the followiog paragrapli, pcrtiuoüt ;o the tariff questiuu itseU', vvo are nleased to transfer to onr columns : Go to Detroit, for ii I ií a me chante wishes to buy a coat, and stepfl Into t store for that purpose, be Is aaked 86. lilght across tbe üuc is Wlndsor, a town n Canada, and withln siIit. Ifiie wishes to buy a coat there, he can get one, made same material, tor $15. Do yon mean to convlface that man by any amoant of sophlstry and argamentatlon that it is Tor hls Interest to pay $26 that somebody in New Eugland may be able to manufacture these coats upon American soil? lf 11 him that he is compelled to pay f 85 instead of $15, because the govornnicnt noods hls tases; beoause, dwing to the war, we have a large amonnt oí public debt to pay, hc may stiil grurable at the largèness of tho amomit, but lie can readiIv u aders taud the reaeeo and appreclate it. Jiut lo teil him tiiat this tax is not lmposed U) ralse levenue, but to sustain soine inauufacturiug euterprlso or capitalist who choosi liis money in ïnauulacturIng, is so oflenstve, that it' anythlng will determlM blni to vote wlth tho oppóslte party, il will be argumenta of this kind. The McFakland trial brought out a deal of sentimental writing, but passing over the affectionate letters of Ricuardson to my "dear little wife" - two years and moro beforo sho was divorced, and the gushiüg epislles of Mis. Caliioün, wu have only room for tho followiog, from that hoary-headed old saint, thu mannging editor of that semi-religious journal, the Independent : ÏNDEPEMDSaiT Ol-FICE, Allg, 29, 1866. My JJcar Irs. McFarland: - Pardon me: I have been at homo more than a week and my promise to send yon 1 1 10 Hardshell sennons lias not been fullill.(I. You will find them In the same enveiope with this uote. 1 ti'usL they will bo blessed to your spiritual comfort and editicatlon. They liuve beeu the raeaus of couverting a great many sinners of whom you 'are tin■ ten thousand, ud the one aUogetlttr A.v.y - aiul"ofiuchiutte kinijdom of Uatcc." Before tliis rcaches you Mrs. Johnson will leave öhelburne, bat X ara sure he will never cease to renuMiib.r with ploasure, the lammer spent there with you. Certainly ain not likely to forget tliefeio hright dais I spent there. 1 trust you will, ere lona;, come back to NeT Vork, and that I inay not Uüfrequently sec the liglit of your couutenance." Yours cordially, OLIVERJOHNS0X. It need only be added that this was written nearly a year beforo tho soparation. Tiin Hillsdale Democrat and ono or two other Democratie journals aro earnestly advocating an early State Convention. Two yoars ago we thought it our duty to vote against sucb. a movement, and wo seo no reason for taking different grouud now. A short and vigoroua catnpaigo ia much to be preferred to one of throe or four months duration, Six weeks is long enough for auy ticket to be in the field, and, thtrefore, without repeating the argumenta we used twr years ago, wo suggest that tho rniddlc ol Septemlxir will be early euougli to noiniuatc a Stato ticket, - We aro pleaeed to notiee that tbe Detroit Union - which two yuars ago led the "early convention" movemcut, and could fiud no words of censure h&rd enough for us, for uot fulling in - uow advises against tho "on to lliohrnond" cali, and urgas tho same reasons to which it was then dcaf. As wo autieipated, Judge Kamsdell has grauted a uew trial to V anderpool, and ttlso ordered a changeof venuo to Kalamazoo Uounty. Wc havo not yet Been his opinión, aud if wiso he announced bis decisión, without aseigniug nny reasons. Now for a rouowal of public clamor, for the purpose of bullyiug a Kulan'azoo court and jury. The Supremo Court is still in session, but will probably adjourn to-day or totnorrow. AVe hopo to be able to givo our readers the docision iii the railroad oaso uct week.


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